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Sunday, 8 June 2014

Heat transfer vinyl

This week for my design team work I was sent heat transfer vinyl (htv) to play with. It was something I had never plaayed with before and I was interested in giving it a go as I have seen many a project around the web that people have done and it always looks fun.

I was sent a sheet of pink, blue green purple and light blue. I was also sent some heat transfer flock but I havent played with that yet.mmmhhhaaawwww....

I wanted to do something that would really stand out and be noticed because it was for the television show so ordinary really wouldnt do. I found a lovely free file on a group on facebook of a lovely hummingbird and made a cushion that was very very easy to make and did the hummingbird. I loved it and was very pleased, but alas I was too trusting and took the lady who gave the file away free well i took her word that it was a henna tattoo file that she had traced.... it turns out on further instruction to be a stamp by a well known company so I wont be showing that any more, and it will be my own personal cushion because I still love it!
I just wish I had been a little bit more on the ball and I would have probably recognised it sooner before I had spent my time weeding all the little bits...thats what you get for trying to take the easy way! I had had a terrrible week and was not consentrating as I should due to a close family member leaving this earth....

So I then had to rethink.... and I decided to do a few babygrows (onesies) and I bought these files from the silhouette store...I figured at least you know where these come from and they were quick and very easy ones to weed (yea I know I took the easy option!!!)

 This 1st one was an easy boys one a simple car from the store and it changed the onesie instantly!
 This 2nd one could be for either sex depending on what colour vinyl you used. I chose the pink just because.. I added the bow not just for effect but because I had a slight accident and had a spot of vinyl where it shouldnt have been instant bow instant fix, si guess what happened with the next???

I thought the bows added to this last one. The words file came from the silhouette store and cut beautifully.

Thank you for looking
love debby x