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Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Christmas has been and gone

Well I hope you all had a happy christmas..I did! all my family came down for christmas day,. and they were all suitably impressed with the creations I did for them. My daughter loved her frame, but my eldest son was the one that surprised me the most as he was in tears when he opened his frame and shouted I LOVE IT!!  so I think I did ok there then.....

On Boxing day it was my daughters birthday and so everyone came back for a birthday party for her!! so 2 days of a full house, which will mean I will feel the emptiness now they have all gone to their own homes. My grandaughter was here and she was the star of the show but she had a cold and had red eyes and white cheeks, and at just 12 weeks old I think christmas wore her out!!!]

My craft room has been out of limits over christmas and tomorrow I have housework to do but Im hoping to get that done in the morning and play with my new presents in the afternoon...

2nd of January sees me start my hospital treatment, I have to go 3 times a week for the next 6 weeks as a starter and we will see how things are then as to when I will have to go again and for how long....

So if you dont see me around then its because Im at the hospital having my treatment like a good little girl!!

Have a fabulous New Year

Love debby xx

Monday, 17 December 2012

Frame for Nicky

I used craft artist 2 to make this frame for my daughter because I wanted flowers that looked 3d and had depth but as it was a frame my paper flowers wouldnt do as they would have been squashed and ruined!! So I fired up ca2 and used the photo lab to change the photo I chose of my daughter into a transparancy!! I laid on the flowers in the corner and gave them a shadow effect. I chose a poppy for no other reason than I love them!! I printed this out then turned on my cameo.

I typed the words then scrolled thrugh my fonts to find one I liked and chose a typewriter font and scripta. I chose the typeface because I wanted people to be able to read the words without difficultly because I didnt want the emotion of the words lost. I high lighted in script the few words I did to just make them jump out at you.

Thank you for looking
Love debby xx

Frame for Michael

My oldest son recently became a father for the second time! and although he is a doting daddy he says his life is just work work work now as he has 2 children to provide for!! (I had 4 so I know how hard it can be bringing up children!!) I saw these words in the silhouette store (in the sale I might add!!) and immediately my sons words came back to me, so I just had to make this for him...

I managed to buy an A4 frame from the pound shop!! and cut the black and red words out.,, then I made a mistake by not having my grid under the glass to place the wording!! a mistake I hopefully will never make again! Although it looks reasonably straight for some reason it wasnt  centered right and I had a huge gap at the bottom....after looking at it for a day or two I decided it definately needed something to fill the gap...I found a flourish in my silhouette library and duplicated it rotated horizontically and vertically then welded the 2 flourished together and ended up with this lovely symetrical flourish!!

I am hoping to get away with this!!!

Thank you for looking
Love debby xx

3D ornament

For the 12 days of christmas the silhouette store is giving away free files, and one of the files they have kindly given us is this 3d ornament. Well I just had to try it didnt I??

I used a metalic gold and silver card 160gsm. I didnt have too much trouble putting them together because the construction was very like the ghost and spider 3ds I did for halloween. I managed to cut and put together 6 of them in less than half an hour. I threaded them onto some string that has been sitting waiting patiently on my desk to be used and will put them along the mantlepeice.

All in all a quick but pretty project. If you have not done these type of files before then it can be a little challenging at first but you will soon manage to turn them out at a rate of knots ,.. the secret is not to use to heavy a weight of card!!

Thank You for looking
Love debby xx

Shadow box

I bought a few shadow boxes from the silhouette store when they were first posted but never really got around to using a crafter YOU know exactly what I mean when I say I needed them' but didnt know why just that they would come in handy one day. Lol.

Well...I found a very good use for them,. and its all to do with my daughter,.again! She can be a cheeky little madam at times and said to me 'Im expecting a fabulous card from you for christmas Mum, and NOT the common all garden one that you are giving the neighbours. I want a special one off for me' as I said she can be cheeky!! But she got me thinking.....and as its her 30th birthday on Boxing Day I wanted to make something a little out of the ordinary for her.....Thats where the 5x7 shadow box from Lori Whitlock came in...

Heres her Birthday card.........

I used a green A3 card 230gsm to make the frame. I laid a mat of green squared card from Payperbox
for the background. I found the handbags in my stash and the paper flowers were from Hobbycraft. The leaves were from the silhouette store and I have used them so many times that I have a box full waiting to be used!! The mirror shape and photo were done in craft artist 2. The decorative tape around the box was from Hobbycraft and its their cheaper version of Washi Tape that costs about half the price of the real thing but I got this one in the sale for 99p!!

Then I decided I liked this so much that I thought I would also make her one for christmas....

The papers and flowers were from the same source as the birthday card except the red roses, they were from the ones left over after making my latest wreath!!
The stamp was a digi stamp I downloaded from the internet and coloured using my promarkers.

I just hope she thinks they are special !!

Thank you for looking
Love debby xx

Friday, 14 December 2012

a winter card

I belong to several pages on facebook for cameo owners and one of the pages is UK silhouette cutters group. The lady that runs the page loves Beacons 3 in 1 glue...something I have yet to try. So for a special little thing to do for christmas she contacted Mark the main distributor of beacons glues for the uk and asked him for some for a competition prize and he came up trumps!! 4 winners will each win a box full of beacons glue!! but the comp was only open to uk residents...

I have made an entry for the competition the rules were as follows..

1. Create a card with a winter theme (not Xmas) – any size and style design using your cutter.
2. If you can, please use Beacons 3-in-1 glue
3. Send photo(s) of your card to me in a private message
4. Cards must not have been entered in any other competition previously.
5. One entry each
6. Winners will be picked by an independent person. Once the winners are picked they will be notified and they MUST send their entry to me for forwarding to Mark Wilson to claim the prize which Mark will send directly to the winners. Cards will not be returned and winners must agree to their entry being displayed at trade and retail shows.
7. Closing date for entries is 12th December 2012, winners will be announced first week of January 2013
Here is my entry..
I used a digi stamp that I downloaded from the internet...and used my promarkers mainly cornflower blue and cool grey2.
I cut the frames on cammie and used digi paper that I had from a cd that came from a magazine!!
I used my cuttlebug on one of the layers and used the doty folder.
To embellish the card I used a cameo file from the shop for the 3d pointed flower and used a blingy brad to stick it together and mounted it onto the card with a foam pad


Sunday, 2 December 2012

I am amazed!!!

I am amazed and so happy!! I entered my christmas wreath into a November challenge on facebook on a page called Cindys Handmade cards and crafts and I won!! I know the prize is cardmaking goodies but I am not to worried about that because I am just sooo happy that I won!!!

This is the first time I have ever won anything for my craft and it feels wonderful!! I would like to thank all the ladies on that page, because they have given me such a personal lift and it feels great..........xx

It makes me feel like I have gained recognition for my works and makes me want to start crafting even Ive been looking at my poor rubber stamps that have been neglected since my cameo came along...and then theres my dies and promarkers.........

Hhhhmmm cant stay chatting on here Im off to craft xx

Thank you for reading this

Love debby xx