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Tuesday, 27 March 2012


The silhouette store had an easter sale on so i went looking and found this beautiful file and had to use it immediately...
I have several frames waiting to be used and i liked this one for the framed i looked in my stash and found this lovely spotted paper and some black card...

I used my sil babes to cut the file on the paper and needed to cut the black card to fit inside the friend always is amazed that i manage to cut the card to size and i showed her the trick to it last week...when you buy a frame it invariably has a paper flyer if you remove that and then cut around it...then it should fit..its as easy as that...

This may seem obvious to us seasoned crafters but there you go....

Because the file was intricate i used stick and stay spray adhesive to stick the peacock onto the black card

When it had dried i popped it into the frame.

Thank you for looking
love debby xx
Well here is the was so easy to do...

I used some shapes that i bought in a kit in the  sale at the craft store but you can use lots of things like tatty wooden boxes or if you are ambitious a chair!! I have a wooden chest that im debating what to do with and decopatch would be an ideal craft to cover it...

These are an example of the bits that were in my kit and you can buy them freely in the craft store for around a70 to 90 pence and then you bling them up to your hearts content...but with decopatch you use tissue paper
and glue...pva glue is ideal...

You need to rip your paper into tiny pieces and put glue on your shape just enough to cover the area that your bit of paper will lie onto then put yoyur paper on and spread glue over the top of the paper...essentially you are glueing the bottom and the top of the paper!!!

Repeat this all over the shape until it is covered all over...leave it to dry and then if you want to bling it up some more then add gems ...see its easy isnt it...if you dont have tissue paper you can use 3 ply napkins but you have to seperate them and use each layer seperately

Thank you for looking love debby xx
As you know I have been away for the past week and was suitably spoilt by my Mum even though it was her birthday :} and since i came back the weather has been glorious and weve had a barbie, went to the seaside and done everything but yesterday I tried decopatch which is something i had neverdone before but as I said at New Year I wanted to try different crafts this year instead of just card making...but although the results can be spectacular I didnt really enjoy decopatch as it was done rather quickly and there was not really enough of a challenge to it for me...I think it would be a great craft for someone who doesnt really have much time but wants to be a little i tried it and wasnt bowled over...i will post some of my results and a little tutorial tomorrow when my works of art (hehehe) has dried

Thank you for stopping by
love debby xx

Saturday, 17 March 2012

I will be away for the week as im going to the lovely Forest of Dean to visit my mum which means no craftingfora week dont know how i will survive lol see you on the other side love debby xx

Friday, 16 March 2012

cameo creations challenge 4

Today I decided to enter the Cameo Creations Challenge number 4 at

The challenge was
Challenge #4
Create a square shaped card using a digital stamp and buttons
this is what i came up with today...........................................................
The backing paper was from a my craftstudio cd and is very pretty pink roses, I added that just to give a peak of colour and interest around the edges of the card.   The black scalloped frame was from the free files that came with the silhouette SD. I then added another frame the same and coloured it with one of the free papers from silhouette and ungrouped the frame and removed the inner cut so that i  had only one full piece instead of a frame and an inner.
The cute girl is a digistamp that I got free  from a CD that was attached to Complete cardmaking which is a magazine here in the uk devoted to digital crafting and every issue they have a free cd with lots of kits and digistamps...

The gardening tools came from the same CD and I made them into a print and cut with my silhouette
i cut 2 smaller frames and layered them then i cut a frame (the same frame but stretched sideways into more of an oblong)and layered all of those and glues on the tools. I then searched my outline stickers box and found these delightful leaves that I edged the card with and glued on the blue buttons with some cotton through them.
Thank you for looking
Love debby xx

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Kite card

Each week silhouette store gives us a free file that we can use and keep, some weeks the file will scream at you and others you look at it and well....

One of the challenges at silhouette plus is a weekly freebie challenge, this is a great idea because if you look at a file and nothing comes but someone else looks and something jumps at them then that can be your inspiration...and then a "useless" file can become a favourite...its all about optimising what you have and what you do with it....

This week the file was some clouds and a kite....i looked at it and nothing came....then i went to bed and I had a dream, the dream angels planted a card in my mind and i watched myself make it whilst sure psychologists everywhere has a syndrome for that!! and this is what i made from the instructions of the dream angels...

I printed out the backing paper from a cd i had free with quick cards from last year...i always buy the mags if they have a free cd because inveriably you get nice backing papers on them..I used my silhouette to do the writing with a gel pen..the font was KG god gave me you and i made a pnc file for the kite. To give depth i put one kite on with foam pads and the other i just glued onto the card. I got the papers from the sil files for the kite...inside the card i cut 3 clouds and sketched congratulations between the three also seen in my dreams...

As i write this entry it makes me sound completely mad but thats what happened for this card and i have had it happen before...i once got up and repainted my bathroom because i saw it in a dream lol but thats another storyxx  i guess as a crafter you will understand you have to take your inspiration from anything when it comes along even if it is a dream,
So today i acknowledge my dream angels and thank them for their help when i was stuck and could see nothing

Thank you for reading my ramblings
love debby xx

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Rose ball

I have finally finished the rose ball and omg i think im all rosied out!!! I made the first batch of roses just for fun to see of o could create anything that even resembled flowers of any sort and was very happy with the results even though they werent the best...but they were made by me and did resemble roses I was amazed!!!  I then had to decide what to do with them...

I could have stuck them to cards but I thought they maybe to heavy as i had made them from card...I thought about sticking them to a lid of a box...but i like to stack my boxes so that wasnt practical...Then i went to the craft store and saw some oasis balls and i thought why not? I also bought an aluminium bucket whilst there to stick it all into when it was done.....I got home and asked hubby for some dowel to stick in to the ball of oasis but he didnt have back to the drawing my bits and bobs drawer i found some kebab sticks and stuck 4 together and used them...

After completing the project i needed something to stabilise the arrrangement and used some pebbles so that it wouldnt tip. I didnt want the roses to be all one colour so I made a miriad of different ones...I even added some rolled roses and glittered them up for added sparkle. The roses made from hearts I sprayed with glimmer mist which gave some of them the apperance of aging whilst others just a sheen..I found it depended on what colour card I sprayed it onto...I searched my downloaded files and found a svg of roses leaves that i had downloaded from  she has some lovely files...
I made a print and cut from that element and added them here and there as i thought they were needed..I also added some florist wire that i spiralled to add some interest but i thought it needed that extra something...i thought of butterflies but decided against i looked in my stash and found these delightful feathers i had forgotten about and i think they finished it....

Hope you like it..

To finally finish a tied some ribbon and lace around the handles. Some of the flowers turned out better than others but I included them all because in Nature not everything is perfect or excellent...

Thank you for looking
Love debby xx

Monday, 12 March 2012

home made roses part 2

I decided to go the safe route and make a tree of roses and so i have bought some grey oasis and a bucket to make my rose im busy cutting tons more of roses to complete my project

Thursday, 8 March 2012

My homemade roses

I spent most of yesterday making these few flowers, Im sure others can make them in minutes but with my arms and their limited use i had to keep stopping and resting them and found this quite a task..although it was a fairly simple way to make roses and im pleased with the results even if they are not the best hand made roses ever...but hey I did it I made them myself....

I chose on this occasion to make different colours to experiment and see which colours i prefered...and i must admit out of all of them i like the yellow one..which kind of surprised me as i thought i would like the red one best so it goes to show that you should always experiment with different colours...

I think the yellow one really pops out and looks the most realistic one of all..i followed the instructions of the tutorial (i will post a link at the end of this post) and sprayed the flowers with glimmer mist i used pearlessence but infact i prefered the roses without it so next time i wont be adding the glimmer mist....

I cut  heart shaped petals on my babes along with a tiny circle at their bases, i needed 6 x 2 1/4" 5 x2" 4x1 3/4" and 3x1 1/2" and a brad with long enough prongs to fit them all onto, and i must say they were easy like the tutorial promised and i think for a first attempt i didnt do too badly but like i said i followed the tutorial to the latter..if i had to do this on my own then it would have been a very different story lol :)  Now i just have to get myself in gear and actually do something with these...

You can find the tutorial here:..

There are several flower tutorials and you have to scroll down to almost the bottom of the page to find the rose tutorial...have a look at all her flower tutorials they are good fun and remember to thank Helen for allowing us to view and use her tuts

Thank you for stopping by today
love debby xx

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

making flowers

Im not disappearing off the face of the earth at the moment im making flowers for 3 different projects though i must admit im not too good at making them so ive been looking at tutorials and videos and decided that i will learn how to make a reasonable flower that maybe slightly looks like one at the moment my babes is busy cutting hearts for me to turn into roses when and  IF im successfull i will blog them and show you...the tutorial i saw and am following made them look very easy..but hey its not that im not confident in my abilities its just that what is easy for one person can be a trial for another ..any how i will post them if im successful if not then we wont talk of this subjest again ok?

Thanks for dropping by
Love debby x

Sunday, 4 March 2012

The weekly challenge 'owls'

There is a weekly challenge at Silhouette plus forum whereby you use the free file given by the silhouette store everyweek...this week was a lovely owl and  so i have decided to try and incorporate this challenge into my weekly schedule...i just made this one for fun

I had several different layouts but this was the one i was happiest with...a simple twisted easel easy but effective. I lined my easel card with bird house paper that came free on a disc from complete cardmaking and i think it is from the nitwits collection but if im wrong then please tell me.

I then had to have something to layer the owls onto which were made with card from the as i had been making cards using Penny duncans domed lattice card i had some lattice ready cut (i always cut spares cause im such a clumsy worker!) i thought these would work well.

I added googly eyes with glitter glue so they shone out well.The sentiment i sketched and cut in sil software and used one of the free frames,it doubles as a stopper for the easels. The ribbon was some from my stash which originally was around a box of chocolates!

I put the sentiments on with foam pads to give it the height it needed to do its job

Thank you for looking xx
Love debby xx

Friday, 2 March 2012

Eileens 60th birthday card

Eileen has been a friend of mine for 21 years now. She has been a single mother all the time ive known her and have had some terrible things thrown at her by she has learnt to be tough!! She has never been a girly girl nor has she been a tomboy..shes somewhere inbetween so i couldnt throw lots of glitter or glitz at her card i had to go somewhere in the middle so here it is...

The card came from the free files from Penny Duncan she does some really beautiful designs and is so generous with her sharing..thank you Penny I think the lattice work is beautiful...

The 60 was cut on my sil on white card i then ran it through my xylon machine to get it sticky and covered it with gold leaf...when working with gold leaf remember not to sneeze!! and remember to be quite enthusiastic with removing the excess or you will find it can be worse than glitter for its sneakyness into unfortunate places!!

The flowers and leaves I got from a blog hop in the form of pngs and converted them into Print and cut files on my sil babes...hope she likes it..inside i put a cake the one that comes with your sil software and sprayed it gold

Thank you for looking
Love debby xx

upcycled card

This months card challenge in silhouette plus is upcycled is my contribution..

The background was given free on sil plus by Terri L Frank so no cost there other than half a sheet of A4 card..the peacock was a picture in a magazine that i saw and thought i could do something out came my circle cutter and a nice topper was born. I then got some yellow card from my scraps bin and layered it. The flower was an old bill (dont worry it has been paid!) I coloured it with mustard yellow distress ink and did a rolled flower. The peacock feathers were bought from the sil shop on black friday..i liked them and thought they may come in handy one day lol!! The stones on them were from a piece of costume jewellery (a broken brooch) and the ribbon was a little from a piece that was wrapped around a box of chocolates and although you cant see it in this picture it does have a green tint to it!!The thank you sentiment was from my stash!!

Thank you for looking xx love debby xx