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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

I think Im crazy!!

I dont think the title of this post will be a surprise to many!! But....well this week I have been extra busy I had to make another emergency appointment at the dentist when this week my filling came out! The nice dentist put a tempary filling in on monday, tues being one of my hospital treatment days I duly went along and had my spot...and thursday I have to go back to the dentist and have the filling replaced....lets see if my hubby can run fast enough to catch me to get me there hehe and friday its back to the hospital!

So today being my only 'free' day this week I decided to do some craft and lo and mind went completely I looked in the silhouette online store, ...blank....I looked at my digis...blank....I deffo have crafters block....and more to the point I felt like I just couldnt be bothered! Hubby thinks I must be Ill..................I think all this to and fro is just stiffling me and I cant wait for it all to be over and life return to what is my normal.

I have hundreds of ideas when Im out and about but today Im definatley not creative and the one card that I did attempt to make ended ripped up in the bin..Oh well better luck Saturday

Thank you for looking

Please send the craft fairy my way

Love debby xx

Monday, 11 February 2013

A last minute Valentines

Today being Monday and Valentines day being Thursday, my son asked me this morning to make a valentines for him to give to his partner....not bad for yur kids I hear you say...but tues and thurs I have my hospital treatment and weds I have an appointment with the specialist, where it will be decided if the treatment is doing any good and whether I should continue with it not really as much time as you would think...

I sat and I thought about what I was going to make for a little time and chose to make the card in purple as I know its Beckys favourite colour...I then thought about the lattice frames I had made and decided to use one of them, afterall they were made with Valentines in mind...

Once I had decided the colour and the frame the rest fell into place in my mind and I just had to construct it....I also knew not to make too 'frilly' a card because although feminine enough Becky can be a bit of a tomboy at times, and a real 'maiden' at others so the card needed to be as contradictory as herself...

I found the image in the valentines sale from the silhouette store, and have been looking for something to use it with...the card I cut it out of came from graphtec uk as a thank you gift that was given to several cammie users who had entered a competition held by uk silhouette cameo friends on facebook where we all help each other and have such a laugh..!/groups/369015176444918/  why not come and join us and have fun too...Dot loves to meet new people and it doesnt matter where you live in the world your welcome...

The phrase 'Lovers you' is one that my son constantly uses! he rarely says love you to anyone but always says Lovers a natural one to use for a card from him! easy !! I used the font 'someone like you' which to some can be a little untidy but it is so close to my sons writting its  unreal! I used a sakura gold metallic gel pen in my silhouette pen holder. I drew an oval around the writing and then cut. I used a chalk ink to colour the outside of the oval.

Thank you for looking
:love debby xx

Sunday, 10 February 2013

heart lattice frame

Today I have been learning how to make lattice in silhouette studio, and although there are many designers out there who have loads of lattice items I wanted to be able to make my own. So I sat down and watched a doodling debbie tutorial on how can be found on youtube, in the silhouette plus forum and even on her blog...I love her videos they are so clear and easy to follow.

Well with it coming up to Valentines day I thought that I would start with incorporating hearts with the lattice and this is what I came up with

It took me a little longer to figure out that I had to make an inner frame and a few mistakes were made along the way! but Im pleased with the results and it only took me 2 hours, not bad to learn how to make lattice then play with it! The first frame has the middle cut out and the 2nd frame has a middle in!

Im sure there are probably frames similar to this out there somewhere but I made these 2 all myself and am very proud of myself!! I will share these and hope that someone else can use them in their card making. Please leave me some love should you use them.

Thank you for looking
love debby xx

Saturday, 9 February 2013

red dress frame

After making all the frames the other day, I came up with the idea of making a wedding frame ready for when my daughter called and said she needed a card like today! as you all know this happens very regularly!! As I am not the best artist in the world I started looking for royalty and copyright free images and found a darling red dress...which got me thinking...and away I went steam coming out of my ears as the ideas flowed...

So this is my first make with the dress and I hope you like is a print and cut for the sil software and I have already cut 4 to make cards with tomorrow..The free file is available under the photo image. If you use this can you please show me because I would like to see what someone else has done with the file.

Thank you for looking
Love debby xx

Thursday, 7 February 2013

making frames with the cameo

Well Ive had a busy week with 3 hospital trips for my treatment and one for my son who is still poorly but much better than he has been. They took more blood from him this week and gave him more pills...So today I was really tired but wanted to do something creative so I compromised and decided to do the design challenge for this month in the silhouette plus forum.

The challenge for the design this time was to make yourself a frame from a file that you already had on your pc. So I thought about it and tried to make one and went off to youtube I went where I found this lovely tutorial from KraftingKelly, a member of the silhouette plus forum! I should have just looked on hers or doodling debbies blogs to start but is about finding and learning..

Here is Kellys tutorial

The tutorial is very easy to follow and I had the same layer that Kelly was using in her video so I used that for my first

It was a flourish mat that I have made into a frame and I think this could be very useful for cardmaking. Unfortunately as it was a file from the silhouette store the resulting frame still comes under their rules and so therefore I can not share this file but I will tell you that once youve done one or two then you realise just how easy it is to change the files you have into  something you want..

I played for a few hours and here is another I made from a silhouette file. This one is made from a flower that came free as the free50 with my cameo. I took the flower and resized, then made a mat layer by duplicating the same flower and welding them together. thus Ihad a mat to use....

I liked this one too and think it would also make a great layer for a card.

I have always liked designing but I havent done nearly enough with my cameo and alas with the hospital and my sons illness it has been lead silent just waiting for me for weeks! Now that I did this and enjoyed doing so maybe it will give me the spirt I needed.

Thank you for looking, hopefully I will have inspired someone else to try for themselves , you never know you just might be the Jasper Conran of siolhouette files!!

Love debby xx

Monday, 4 February 2013

A Valentines..........

The Silhouette online store was having a Valentines sale and for just about a week all the Love cut files were reduced! So being a savvy crafter I went loaded with my monthly subscription and bought every heart and swirl and love file I thought I may ever need, because afterall a heart and a swirl can high light any card any time of the year...I was very reserved and only bought 30 but I could have gone for an awful lot more if I had the inclination!!

One of the files I bought was a card file, and I thought I would make it up for hubby! In the store they show it black and purple and I loved that combination! but I just had to do my own interpretation and this is the file...Design ID #15779
1/24/2011 it is a file designed by Jennifer Wambach...

I had bought a pack of card from Lidl. It is german card and it is 270gsm, and it was cheap really was 25 sheets for £1.79 and it cuts perfectly on my cameo and embosses so beautifully with my cuttlebug that Im so glad I bought a box when I saw it!! I chose shades of brown and caramel for this card...

I cut the base from a rich chocolate brown, and the layer out of caramel. To add interest I used my Cosmic Shimmer micra powders. I used copper, gold and brown..and although Im not a good photographer you can just about see parts of the shimmer on the card.

I stuck the intricate layer on with stick and stay (the red one) from crafters companion, something I dont always do, as I usually use my xyron machine for intricate pieces but seem to be having trouble replacing the  glue roll for it. As my arms are not very good at the moment I needed an easy replacement and stick and stay worked for me.As the card was for my husband I got the good stuff out and used my swarovski chrystals so although you cant see it because I took this card outside to shoot because it is a dark cloudy day here, the card is actually very shiney and bright. The ribbon was in my stash and I bought it from a nice little old lady at a card boot last year.
Thank you for looking
love debby xx

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Feb is here

Well its now a new month and still I havent anything to share with you yet....

I really havent done anything worth showing this last month because between the hospital treatments and my sons illness I just havent had the time or when Ive had the time Ive been unwell...I have my Valentines to make yet and my mothersday card (its mothersday March here in the UK} and dont even mention Easter!! I am hoping to actually get down to some crafting tomorrow and make a start., at least without crafting for so long I have some inspiration floating around and I think I will be a very busy bee...

Although I havent made anything I have been doing craft related works...I reorganised my desk and shelves. I like to do this regularly as its surprising what you will re-find! and if ever Im having a block I find a rummage through my crafting drawers bringing Inspiration.

My son is on the mend now, and is so much better, he has to have another blood test on Monday but hes almost normal now haha! Thank You to all that sent him their Love x

Thank You for looking

Love Debby xx