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Sunday, 16 August 2015

The silhouette Curio

I was very lucky to have a new curio this week, and have spent the week playing and learning how to use it.

There is only a little addition to the software used for the cameo, and so the learning curve was not so bad for me, but I will bear in mind that someone who buys the curio as their first machine, will have a far greater learning curve.

Now the question is do I think the curio is worth its money? well yes, if it was the first machine I had  bought and I was 'only' a card maker then I would be highly delighted with this machine. Its cut surface is more than big enough for card toppers, I can print and cut with it and use my pens the older gel pen holder fits in the blade housing perfectly. I can do anything that I did with my cameo only on a smaller scale. I  have cut card upto 300gsm so far and it cut well. It looks like it will compliment my cameo perfectly.

Here are a fw samples that ive made this week

This was my first attempt at embossing, it looks very faint, but I went in without reading the instructions, had I done so then I would have removed a 1 plate and when I did that it turnered out much better

This is a white uncoated piece of card 250gsm and I think it turned out pretty well and would be happy to use that as a background on a card.

This is a box the biggest I could make on the curio the card base was 270gsm card from Llidl it cut beautifully on the curio as you can see.There will be a larger mat out around October time so the boxes and 3d items you can make will increase with that release, so that would be well worth getting.

Finally I tried my pens to compare with the cameo

As you can see the pens were as excellent as with the cameo.

I made lots of different things that I can not show for now as they have been sent for the design team,
and more importantly I was behind and forgot to photo them! (silly me)

All in all I like the new curio and think it best as a cardmakers machine or a stand along side the My cameo will be plugged in along side the curio and will both have good use.

Thank you for looking
love debby xx

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

weekend crafting

This weekend I am having a new toy to play with and I cant wait!!

I have no choice but to craft all weekend getting to know my new toy and will show you some  sneak peaks!! I have card paper and alcohol inks all lined up ready for use!

It is a machine that will be a dream for card makers and crafters alike

hope you check out my blog on the weekend

love debby xx