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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Another card for the may challenge

I had so much fun playing with my shimmer mist that i had to play again....

I cut the same butterfly and again spritzed it with the shimmer mists...the background was cut out of gold paper and was a file from the silhouette store but it didnt cut correctly due to a dull blade lol but i thought it would go with the tatty butterfly anyhow...i also cyt some smaller butterflies and misted them with the shimmer mist spray...the heart was sprayed with just the midnight blue shimmer mist..

I added a row of purple glitter and some ribbon...

Thank you for looking
Love debby xx

Cards for may challenge

So at the silhouette plus forum this month I am setting the challenge and the theme is glitz and sparkle!!

 Firstly I cut out this cute butterfly on my sil babes and then went to town on it with my shimmer mist sprays and cut out 2 of the heart frames that doodlingdebbie gave freely on the silhouette plus forum and sprayed the outer with shimmer mist and distressed the inner a little because this butterfly didnt need a perfect heart to land on as it wouldnt have been right...
 I then used a rhinestone template to layout the heart shape on my card.I used self adhesive rhinestones and it took me ages to do as it was my first attempt....

I also cut some smaller butterflies from the silhouette store and layered them for depth and interest..

Thank you for looking
Love debby xx

Nickys new home card

My beautiful daughter has moved into a new home with her partner so I thought I had best make them a card for the occasion...

I found the lovely little house in a scrapbooking kit at she has some fabulous kits and gives some lovely freebies....this house was in a free kit and i fell in love with it straight away!! After downloading the kit I opened my silhouette software and uploaded the house where i traced it and made it into a print and cut file...I also had the home is file in my pc and uploaded that and put into a print and cut file....

I used my crafaters companion ultimate pro to get the sizes for the square card. I had some pink digi paper on my pc from dreamies that i downloaded and cut several layers from....

I used a cuttlebug embossing folder to put the dots on the white layer and a few sparkles and ribbon finished the card off...

Thank you for looking
Debby xx

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Another Peacock!!

Having made a Peacock in a frame for my sister I had the positive left as i only used the negative for her frame..The card i had used was Co-ordinations an expensive card not to be i thought i would see what i  could do with it...

I found a bronze coloured card in my stash...I very carefully! transfered the cutouts to it and came up with this

In my transferance of the tiny pieces I had managed to get some glue in unwanted places so out came the cosmic shimmer powders and although you cant see it on here because of my camera work (im not good at photos) i used bronze,dark bronze,gold and red powders so it shimmers and catches the sunlight!

Not too bad for what basically would be the leftovers for the bin!! Now just to find someone to give it to?
Thank you for looking
love debby xx

Tissue rolled roses

I have been lacking in my blog of late and I apologise!! Ive been to Mums again its great going there to see my parents and i always feel happier when i have visited them.....

So I thought it was time to settle back into my routine when my darling son was taken to hospital...he is having an operation tomorrow so i maybe a little hit and miss with my blog in the next week or 2!!

Meanwhile I looked in my stash for something different to do and found 4 packets of tissue paper so thought i  would try to use some and did rolled roses...I wanted summery colours so that they would be ready to put up next month when the sun was out (hehehehe living in UK do I every really see the sun?)
I made around 40 roses in batches of 10. The colours i chose were Yellow, Light orange, Medium orange,Red and I made 5 slightly larger Blue ones as I felt that if i didnt break up the colours with a contrasting one then it would look more like a Poppy wreath than a summer one!

As the roses were made from tissue I was able to cut an oval out of card stock (I chose green!) to glue them to as it didnt need anything more substantual as they were light weight...I stuck the roses onto the card using a photo glue...I then had to decide where to hang the wreath and decided it would make a pretty light switch decoration....

I havent stuck it down it is resting there by pure gravity but i made sure it barely touched the light switch and there was plenty of air flow!! It just brightens a little piece of my living room and gives it a bit of bling!!

Thank you for looking
Love Debby xx

Thursday, 12 April 2012

vinyl on canvas

I wanted to experiment with vinyl on canvas...knowing that vinyl needs a shiney surface to stick to i knew somehow i had to prime the canvas so i looked on various forum for the answers and the general concensus was that if you put a coating of gloss paint then the vinyl would stick to i tried that and the only gloss i had to hand was a silvery grey one ....but when i tried sticking down the vinyl it didnt work and i ended up with a bit of a in the waste not want not view i then looked at the canvas in its wrecked state and wondered what to do now...and this is what i  came up with...
i decided the message of hope was appropriate for this canvas as some would have thrown it away as an experiment that went wrong but i  decided it was being reborn into hope....a sort of phoenix rising from the ashes...

The word hope i offset in sil studio to make a layer for it so that it would be a focus on the is the first time i have tried to layer vinyl and i was very pleased with the result...In this picture you can clearly see the distress that trying to load the previous bit of vinyl left but i wanted that to show through as thats whats given this its theme of hope...

Then i added the 1 piece flower from the sil store featured in my previous post..just to pretty it up and it is the same colour as the pink in hope to conform the picture to the eye...but it still needed something else....

so i cut some leaves and swirls on my babes and put them around the edges...
I was left with something that looks a little like i meant to do this when i started out but is infact a cover up hehe

Thanks for looking
love debby xx

Sunday, 8 April 2012

1 piece flower

Happy Easter to you!! I had no kids and no grandchildren here this year they were all busy doing other things so I had time to play!!! I decided to play with vinyl today just because its fun!! I found a file on silhouette store the other day and liked it and have  been thinking just what to do with it and so I thought i would try it today! There is 1 necessity for me to play with vinyl and that is transfer tape!! I have vinyled without it but boy its  so much easier with it and im glad i found some on ebay for pennies lol..

I chose to do this file in blue and put it onto a white background because it is reminiscent of the oriental drawings that appear on some china ware and i thought it looked clean and simple done this way...I have also cut this file in a dark pink to go on a canvas but as you have to prime the canvas with a gloss  or very shiney paint first for the vinyl to adhere to that maybe a few days in comming

Thank you for looking
Love debby xx

Friday, 6 April 2012

Mica powdered!!

I wanted to cut a filligree card but my babes wouldnt behave today!! she started to cut then decided not to it was some super smooth card and costly i decided to see what i could do with the salvaged remains!!

although the background looks peachy in this picture it is actually mica powder in red bronze and is very shiny and opulent...

The layer was also covered in mica powder i used a mixture of copper and a  teeny weeny bit of dark bronze and because it was damaged with the cutter not behaving i decided to further distress it by adding tim holtz distress inks in walnut  around the edges.

The embellishment is an epoxy sticker from the La Blanche range i have several packs of these in my stash and they are so lovely that i never want to use them!!(you know what i mean!) finally i upcycled the beads and ribbon

They were originally around my christmas crackers and I knew they would come in handy someday hehe

Thank you for looking
love debby xx

Born to shop

It is a cold dull day kids...hubby and the dog are sleeping so i decided to play....I started off with an embossing folder from the born to shop range from docrafts and chose this one from the bubbles collection...

Firstly i coloured the woman with my blending chalks just to make her stand out a little i chose the chalks because i wanted a subtle effect...then i layered an archival ink over the embossing and chalked edges to define the embossing and spluttered it over the background....

I needed a girly feel to the card and found this frame which with a little adjusting worked well. The frame came from

i cut the embossed picture to fit into the appeture of the frame..

The heart embellishments were in my stash and im sorry i dont know where i got them from....

thank you for looking
love debby xx

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

my easter cards

Well i finally got around to doing some easter cards and because its like christmas you can do loads and loads i thought a simple but elegant card would be here it is...

I drew the card in sil and put rounded corners on the edges just to soften the look...Ive had this cross on my pc for awhile I downloaded it from somewhere and i cant remember where, I have 4 of them in different colours and made cards using all 4 colours...I did the crosses on a print and cut and offset them for the black layer...

As i wanted to keep the card simple but I also wanted the meaning of Easter to be there i chose to write the phrase He Is Risen plain and precise..i did this with a gel pen using my sil babes and the font was Consolas which was a nice clean font. Thank you for looking love debby xx

Jaynes Peacock

Having done the Peacock from the silhouette store and posted it here my sister saw it and liked it and asked if i would do one for her in cream and ecru..well heres my interpretation of that!!

The background card I used was a coordinations from the white collection. I cut it to fit the frame and distressed it with my sanding block to bring it to life., and used a cream card from my stash to cut the peacock out of.

I decided to put it into a wooden frame because I know my sister likes to put colour washes on her frames and thought this was an ideal frame for her to do that to..Im thinking maybe a lime wash would look good with these colours? I just hope she likes it.....

Thank you for looking
Love Debby xx

Monday, 2 April 2012

April challenge

We have uploaded the card challenge for April on the silhouette plus forum and this month Beth and I thought it would be good to reinforce the learning we all did back in January when Jody posted a challenge to get to know your silhouette software a little better and make elements out of just this month that will be the main elements for the is my first example

The rosette type thingy was made from the letter j in Arial true type font and i circled it in the silhouoette software and came up with this delightful image...the papers I used for this card came from the kind people at as a free download..there was 10 papers altogether and i dont know how long they will be available so if you want them then try downloading them now..they are mainly for the jubilee but as you can see they are very usable for other projects. The rosette was done in sketch on my silhouette and then offset and cut.
My second example

I cant remember which font i used to make the frame out of Hs but the paper was some from a pack i bought in hobby craft but i cant remember whos it was soz..the elements were some free with a cardmaking magazine and i thought they worked well with this design..

thank you for looking
love debby xx

Sunday, 1 April 2012

easter basket

I told my children that the Easter bunny wouldnt be visiting us this year as my youngest is now 26 and then I decided to make some Easter Baskets any way!! So I bought some little eggs to go in them....Im my own worse enemy sometimes lol....

As you can see the sides are all egg cutouts and they look very effective with a co ordinating tissue scrunched up inside them...I added some wooden eggs and fluffy chicks...bought at the pound shop...I thought it needed something else to glitz it up and put a flower that my hubby made for me on a flower loom on the handle...

I got the cut file for this basket from the silhouette store and think it will be one that will come out each year in our house lol

Thank you for looking
Debby xx