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Sunday, 23 March 2014

An Easter doily

I wanted a mat and layer for my easter cards but didnt find one so I made my own...

This is a mat, a doily and an inner mat, it was fun to make, but othr than cutting it with leftover paper I havent used it as yet, butI will soon. I also want to share the file with you all but I cant remember who I used as a file share before and Ive tried dropbox but havent worked it out yet so when I do Ill share this  x

Love debby,

A Dove on Canvas

What else could I call this creation than what it is ... A Dove on a canvas..... For the Design Team work this time we were asked ( when I say 'asked' what I actually mean is 'Challenged' by Karine) to make some home decor with our Cameos,  and to use fabric....

Well when I sat and thought about what I was going to do, knowing Im not much of a sewer, I had a mental block..... so I looked in the silhouette store for inspiration. I saw this lovely Dove and ideas began to grow on how I could use it. Then I noticed as an added bonus, that I had already purchased the file!

Now all I needed was to get some sort of project done....

I decided after looking at the file that I would never be able to sew it onto anything and it look good, so I had the idea of applique-ing it somehow.... then I noticed some canvases lying around on my shelf... and Dove on a canvas was born....

I was a little frightened about wether the fabric would stay on the canvas as I know from experience that it isnot easy to get vinyl to stay on a canvas without preparing it first. So I looked amongst my lotions and potions and found my Winsor and Newton Acrylic Gloss Medium, and decided to experiment with that, some alcohol inks for colour and my fabric.

I played with a mini canvas and found that it worked and the fabric stayed put when I ironed it on.
I used the silhouette brand of heat and bond on to my fabric and then cut out the pieces on my cameo from some oddments of fabric I had in my box. As there were quite a few pieces when it was all cut I figured that I would get rather confused, so I decided to use one of my pens in my cameo and came up with a drawing of the pieces so that I had an idea of what went where.

I found this a great help when I needed it.

Next I cut a little off my sea sponge, then mixed my gloss medium and alcohol ink and painted a first layer on the canvas.

The colour I used was mustard seed. Now I love alcohol inks and am found playing with them with alsorts of materials, but on the canvas, that bottom layer was flat, so it needed pepping up a little, once it was dry the sponge came into its own. I mixed some watermelon alcohol ink and gloss medium and I also mixed another batch with mountain rose

I randomly dabbed first one colour then the next over the canvas and put it to the side to dry overnight.

The next morning a took my pieces from the sheet and manually laid them on the canvas piece by piece, which didnt take long as because I had laid them out on my 'template' I knew exactly where each piece should be. I then heated my Iron and Iron on the fabric to the canvas. It took like a dream and didnt need any coaxing at all.

So there you have it, a canvas with fabric and no sewing at all...

Thank you for looking
Love debby x

Friday, 21 March 2014

A new sewing machine

I have been laid up for a few days as I am currently having a reaction to the dosage of methotrexate that Im prescribed. It has given me a rash from head to toe and a very nasty headache indeed.

Today I am starting to feel a little better but as the morning turned to afternoon my head started banging again.

I had some Design Team work to do, and had intended to use my sewing machine, but for some reason it didnt want to play, so I did some vinyl work instead, but it was quick and easy stuff as I still feel quite unwell, but at least I was able to create with my cameo. I will show pictures in a day or so but feel unable to get the energy to actually take photos today.

Hubby realising that I felt rather low today said he was going to the shops, and came home with a new sewing machine for me! Its not the dearest but its not the cheapest either... I am so spoilt! I love it!.. Hubby says its something to make me want to get better as soon as I can.... I will also take photos of my new machine too., and show you soon.. he also knows a way to a crafters heart is bring them new stuff too and he opened his bag rather like a magician and produced a fat quarter and some hessian too.. I feel a wall hanging coming..

See you soon

Thank you for looking
love debby x

Friday, 7 March 2014

Design team work..

 For my first DT project I had the new corrigated self adhesive card to play with. I spent ages deciding what exactly to do with it, and found I had 2 colours, brown and white. For the white I had the idea of doing a shabby chic style box, to show what you can do with the left overs after you have cut out the corrigated card on your cameo. Rather than throw the bits and pieces away they look good on a gift box or even a shabby chic type card. I was very pleased with how the box looked when decorated up with a few flowers and some string! The flowers were distressed with inks and a flourish from the silhouette store completed the project, a box worth putting something in!!
 My 2nd project is thanks to Krafting Kelly, I used her idea from christmas and used Tattoo paper on a candle. It was so much easier to place on the candle than the vinyl I usually do and as it is a print and cut you can put on whatever you like, Im thinking hearts for valentines day, a cute girl for mothers day you get the idea. but without Kelly sharing that idea I dont think I would have even thought of it,. it shows her brilliance!!
 So my 3rd project... I was already in the shabby chic mode,having made the box for item 1, but I have also been making a steam punk shadow box and I think the two ideas sort of intermingled and gave me this card, which once again shows the versatility of the corrigated card. The heart cut perfectly, and I still have most of that sheet to play with!I think the shabby steam punk look goes well for this card and I loved the colours...

 My 4th project was a fun project. I bought this phone cover in the pound shop, because when I saw it , it just cried out to be vinylled!. The bubbles on the case is the same as the ones I covered my kitchen appliances in, although on the appliances they were much bigger.. hehe.. I just had fun with this and added the gangham style because thats the type of dance old ladies like me should do!
 I made this card to show the brilliance of the cameo when making your own decoupage. The lamb came from the internet. I took it into the silhouette software and put several onto my mat, where I traced them and used the knife on them to make the decoupage.The lamb felt very easter like and spring like hence the tones used. A few frames from the silhouette store a few leaves and flourishes flowers and an easy easel card.

 For the double easel card I made a file and cut it on the cameo. I will share it at a later date. I did several layers with mirri board and cream card. The eiffel tower was cut from the double sided adhesive sheets and foil was laid on it. A heart from the silhouette store serves as the stopper on the bottom to keep the top layers upright. A few flowers and leaves finished this card off.

Thank you for looking
Love debby x

Duck Shadowbox

For this months design team projects we had to use the print and cut feature of the cameo. As you will gather I dont do too much print and cut and I loathe decoupage because I can never line it up properly!

I dont really have any cds with decoupage on so I looked on the internet and found this adorable chick. I thought he had a little attitude! So the sentiment to go with him couldnt be a cutesy one!

I thought he would look good in a shadow box and so I downloaded the file for this one from the silhouette store. It is a 5x7 shadowbox

I found a lovely yellow check paper amongst my american crafts and thought it would look great against the chick and make a very spring like shadowbox.

I took the chick into the designer software as it was a jpeg download. I then did a trace on the chick. I copied the chick 3 times, and did traces on all 3. I then used my knife to cut away at the chicks(!) until I had suitable pieces for my decoupage. I then did the decoupage on a print and cut through my cameo.

I had a border amongst my files that also came from the silhouette store and cut that out of the remaining paper leftover from the background.  I found a saying that I thought fitted the chick, a little attitude but not too much!

The shadowbox is easy to make and once youve done one it gets easier and easier..  I added a few flowers and a butterfly and it was ready to see the light of day!

Thank you for looking
Love debby x