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Friday, 26 April 2013

glasses as prizes

I didnt know what else to call this post other than Glasses for prizes because that explains exactly what it is!
My daughters Girls Night In is tomorrow night and so the preparations are well and truly underway! She asked me to sort out a couple of games for them to do tomorrow and so today I went out to get some prizes. I brought a cuddly Teddy for the name the bear and hopefully that will raise far more than I paid for Teddy! I was also asked to make up a quiz for the evening, a music one! Im sure my daughter is the only person in the whole wide world who thinks Im a genius! Well I had to find a prize for the winner of the music quiz but having paid out already on food and wine and Teddy for the evening I wasnt going to spend too much on this prize.....then I remembered Vinyl and how much I love to play and came up with this for the prize....

An inexpensive prize and fun for me in the making! result!

The glasses were bought in our local Asda at 60p each and the vinyl was in my stash! I found a font inamongst the tons I have on my pc and typed the word winner I then made a mat for it by doing an off  set
I cut various sized circles just for the decorative effect and added them! Quick easy and ready to go!

Thank you for looking, I know its been awhile but hopefully Im back!
Love debby xx

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Wedding Invites samples

My daughters friend is getting married and has asked my daughter to persuade me to make the wedding Invites....something I have never done before and sent me into a bit of a tail spin.. but not one to admit defeat I am embracing the challenge...

The only info I have been given as yet is that the Bride to be wants to see 3 or 4 to choose from.....I dont know how many she may want, what I do know is cream and vintage looking thats all the knowledge I have been given and ordered to make samples this weekend so my daughter can show her this week......I need more info for inspiration Im sure...but anyway not to let down I looked on Pinterest and Etsy for ideas and asked my fellow crafters for ideas and these 3 are what I came up with so far. (I had cut 4 but number four has definately had a demise!!)

1 This one is a card wrap from the silhouette store, that I have liked for a while, I just never had an occasion to use it before and is the one I like the best, but if theres loads of invites needed then I dont think I would like this to be 'the one'

I used a cream paper that I had in my stash, but to do these I would have to order in cream 12x12 paper or a light card as none of my local craft stores have 12x12 in cream...I know cause Ive been to all of them looking so it will be an internet job for this one. As the wrap is so ornate I decided to keep the rest of it simple and hopefully elegant, I layered a cream and gold heart which serves as the fastener for the card wrap. I added a gold ribbon bow and a cream ribbon rose, I would have added some gold coloured gems that I have but knowing yesterday that I was making these invites today I put them somewhere handy and now cant find them anywhere!! I cut an insert out of gold card with cream paper on top of it which can contain all the information of the wedding.

Number 2 was also from the silhouette store, after looking at pinterest and etsy my last port of call was the silhouette store to see what I could use with the ideas I had gathered and saw the card with band and this was born....

I used a centura pearl card in cream for the base, and some cream paper for the backdrop which will contain the wedding details I then used a linen type gold paper for the band. I found the bell on ebay and bought a ton of them ages ago so am glad to have finally found a good use for them. I tied a golden bow and attached the bell and a ribbon rose to the front of the card...easy peasy!!

Number 3 is a good one if you have hundreds to make as it only takes 1 a4 sheet of card and a little ribbon.....
The ribbon is one that hubby bought the other day for me to use for the invites but although pretty to look at it was terrible to use as it did not want to stick at all and it wanted to fray terribly! I think if I ever end up doing this one then it would be gold satin ribbon....

So thats the three Im starting with dont know if she will like any of them or wether im back to the drawing board...Ill let you know in due course hehe
Love debby xx

Saturday, 13 April 2013

A Pink Wreath for Macmillan!

I know its been a long time since I came to blogland, but I havent really made anything in a while...the hospital visits are draining me and I still have to go twice weekly but the light is at the end of the tunnel and Im almost there!!

Well my daughter asked a few times why I wasnt crafting and I said I just couldnt be bothered (yes that shows how bad I was!) so I think she has been finding things for me to do....the first is this wreath for an evening she is organising at her home. My daughter is a vegetarian and her lifestyle and views go hand in hand with that...she worked in the british heart foundation shop last year on her days off from work and thoroughly enjoyed her time there. , but whilst working there she realised just how much charities rely on fundraising and this year she has set to do some when she can.....

Her friend has been diagnosed with a very nasty little cancer so she chose to support Macmillan cancers girls night in for April...and there will be lots of fundraising done with her friends that night! Well as Mum Ive been draughted in and a decorative wreath has been ordered....

As it was a cancer night I felt the most appropriate colour would be Pink...I chose my back to basics no 3 pack from Dovecraft and found a nice little selection of interesting papers to use. I also added some red to the mix to stop the wreath being insipid.

So how to make.......
Firstly I used a 6inch polystyrene circle and painted it so any gaps would blend in and not shout out
In this case it was painted with a bluey green emulsion that I found lying around in hubbys shed....(hope he didnt need it hehe)

Then I cut and made up my flowers,,I used the scalloped circle roses that I usually use aws I find these very easy to will find the link to the outube video on my other wreath from last year.
I also made some rolled flowers from a file in the sil store and made those in red.

I then cut out my leaves from a file from the sil store, ( the file was 8 autumn leaves) and I found some delightful skeleton leaves by papermania in the clearance bin in Hobbycraft this week and thought them whimsy enough to add to this wreath...

So with everything ready off I went....firstly I used my glue gun to stick the leaves to the wreath, there is no real formula to this you just have to glue them where you think you would like this instant all over the edges!!

At this point it is a good idea to lay your flowers onto the wreath without sticking them to see what it looks like this stage you can rearrange the flowers until you like the is then just a case of gluing them on., for this I still use my glue gun.
Once they are as you want and glued on any gaps can be filled with smaller flowers, elements like keys were you doing a steam punk type one or like in this one Ive added butterflies

Thank you for looking
Love debby x