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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

So i attempted the grotto card and this is what i  came up with...

i actually cut all this by hand and remembered why i love my sil babes soooo much but it was a fun card to make and will fold down flat to post...i have a box to make up to put this one in but cant face hand cutting today...i will have to change these into print and cut files should i ever want to make another as i wont want to do all the hand cutting again...i put the floor in this one but that is optional i just thought it would look cute with the light debby xx
Well ive been nawty debby this week and I HAVENT DONE any crafting at all..but then i have been unwell with my angina playing up really badly that resulted in a trip to hospital and me feeling quite lazy and lack today i was all fired up to craft and....NOOOO my printer has ran out of ink..
so i had a look in my stash and found some hummel figures decoupage so im off to do some of them today so i have spare cards ready incase...shame really because i have a princess card to make for my daughters bestie a very sweet girl who has a very loving heart .. so im off to send hubby on the bus to get me some ink whilst i play with debby xx

Monday, 23 January 2012

Well i havent done any crafting this hubby decided to sort out my stash...and oh was i in trouble....but at least he found some lovely kanban card and papers that i vaguely remember buying.....I am most definately in the dog house let this be a warning to you ladies out there NEVER let hubby see the full extent of your stash..........

On other matters it must be the year of the purple cards as each of my anniversary cards (even the one i made for hubby!!) were purple!!!! and they were all much the same shade...and i had 5 of them!!! well im off before hubby finds the pile of 'good' card and papers and realises he hasnt really found all my stash..i know as a crafter you will debby xx

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Having been pretty lax lately with my blog and my crafting i have decided to get going again..i put it down to the post christmas crafting bug...i think that after all the rush to get things finished at the last minute kinda puts you in a loll and so i have began this years crafting with gusto...

As i didnt have anything specific to do I thought it would be fun to make something with this weeks free file from silhouette and i am challenging myself to stop being lethargic about these files and embrace them and make something everyweek with the free one and see where my imagination takes me...which could be someplace weird knowing me...but heres this weeks offering.....

I thought of valentines as its just around the corner and found some bright card 220gsm and came up with this as i couldnt find my rhinestones!!! yes i have hundreds of them but as per when you want them they hide so i had a chunky glitter that i dont use much and put that in the middle to give some bling!! I rather liked the strong colours and had over half a sheet left so i decided to use it now or it will go in my stash and not see the light of day for ages so this is what i then came up with

I cut 3 hearts from the 50 free files that come with the sil software and another love out of ballonist font and was looking for a suitable backing paper to tone it all together when i opened the truffles hubby had given me for our anniversary and voila the wrapper became my backing i think it works well!! Then to go with the frugal crafting i made the rolled rose out of a sheet of instructions that i no longer needed and blended it with some Tim Holz antique rose ink....and again the chunky thats it for today
Happy crafting love debby xx

Saturday, 14 January 2012

My wedding anniversary is coming up this week and my hubby is so special and kind to me he is my i wanted to make him a shiney wow type of out came my debbi moore cds and i printed off the paper which i made into a fan and then printed off the topper...and had so much fun adding glitter everywhere hehehe

i went to town and had a look around and found a lovely twiggy heart that cried out for a little bling ...
i cut some pink plumera (file in silhouette store!) and sprayed them with some gold cosmic shimmer and then wrapped some purple and gold ribbon around the heart

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

So for christmas i made a village from the files that krafting kelly made on the silhouetteplus forum..and i loved did the various visitors to the house and i heard the same phrase over and over 'enchanting' when it was time to take it down i didnt want to throw it away and i knew that packing it away for the year would have resulted in a very crumpled village that would resemble the leaning tower of pisa next my brain actually started to work and i decided to turn my chhristmas village into a fairy haven...heres the first transformation...
i started with this house
and i had some kanban card 'wood' that looks like loads of planks of wood so i spend ages and ages (about 2 mins with my cutter!) cutting it into individual planks and stuck them on as i figure ffairies houses would use the forest in all things...

Then came the biggest transformation ... the roof..

i looked around and found this leaf in the sil store as i had most of this months credit left (i have a prepaid account!) i just bought not very good at making my own files and tend to buy them or download from the generous people out there though i would love to have the ability to make my i only had a very pale green lightweight card so i just had to get out my inks and play..hehehe

i figured that you will find a mirad of colours on leaves and so i used greens blues yellows oranges and browns and just played and played and now i have multi coloured hands for a few days lol xx i stuck the leaves onto the roof with a wet photo glue making sure i covered all the previous roof as it was bright pink...i removed the cover from the chimney and put a paper flower on it...
and hey presto thats how i transformed a christmas house into a fairy haven  love debby xx

Monday, 9 January 2012

Today i have made some pictures for the wall for spring..i saw something like this on pinterest last week and liked the clean simplicity of it and so i reproduced it adding my little bit of bling...i did 1 in pink and the other in purple very girly xx

They are double layered butterflies cut with my sil babes and the body is defined by a silver glitter glue which adds a little bling when its caught by the light.... i used a plain purple paper that i had on my pc from a digikit i downloaded free ages ago and cant remember from where..but i chose a spotted pink paper from a cd by jensdesigns which just added a bit of interest ...hope you like this and it maybe gives you a little inspiration love debby xx

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Well today hubby started relaying the floor...we went out this morning and i chose the colour that i liked after telling hubby his choice was not practible so hopefully tomorrow or the day after i will be back in my haven crafting to my delight...i love my hubby and his thoughtfulness toward me....

today i have been looking at blogs and found this splendid one;
her cards have a heart in them somewhere and it can be fun to find some of them....worth taking a look at...

well thats me done for today
have a good un love debby xx

Monday, 2 January 2012

well my craft room is having an overhaul at the mo. hubby took up the floor today and its going to be a few days before i can get back in the mean time i have been looking on the net for fairy houses for inspiration and ive also started to make up some carnations to put on the far ive almost made 1 but then i am a novice at carnation making so im pleased ive got that far.....happy crafting all love debby xx

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Well Happy new year to you....i have been busy making cards with my promarkers i havent used them for a while and enjoyed it i love colouring in tho i think the posh creative term is creative painting but to me its still colouring in hehe....i managed to buy some frames yesterday in the pound shop and am now deciding just what to do with them??? who knows how they will end up...anyway heres one of the cards i have been making i entered it into the silhouette forum december challenge..ive entered every challenge since i joined that forum and although i know i wont win i enjoy trying the challenge..there are some very talented people on that site and they are all so friendly xx

I made the card from 1 of the original free files that came with my sil babes and stretched it then duplicated it and welded 2 together. I then used the same frame for the layers by actually doing an internal offset for the largest 1 and continuing down in size until i had enough layers...not the conventional route but hey it worked for me....the cute girl was from pollycrafts digital stamps and she was giving them away free as a jpeg there was quite a thats it for today happy crafting xxx love debby xx