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Sunday, 30 June 2013

Online freebies

Well my hubby is reorganising my craft area because my favourite craft shop is closing and had a 50% sale on. Im not sure whether to be happy about this or not as it is/was my favourite place to go...but I just had to have a look see what I could buy in the sale...

Being a seasoned crafter I by-passed the card and paper as I have a good stash of both and looked at the inks glitters glues and pens...I can report that I have enough glue of many different types to last me at least a year if not 2 lol...

Then I stopped and thought about what I really wanted to add to my craft room that I couldnt normally quite afford....thats when I spotted the Spectrum Noir pens..and they were in the half price offer..I managed to get 3 of the 24 packs and 10 of the 6 packs and not one duplicate amongst them!!
They just about broke me...and with much chastising from my daughter who didnt understand the sudden NEED for pens I paid for my purchases and hot tailed it quick out the shop before my daughter could report to dad what I was doing :)

So you see I then had a dilema! How best to store my lovely pens, without the cost of the specialist racks?? Pinterest you are a gem....I found a pin that someone had put up to store the pens in a home made rack made from a downpipe! So I showed the picture to hubby and said I want that please! and then I showed him my treasure of pens...a fate accomplished as it were...

So hubby is sawing glueing and swearing all round my craft room and so Ive been trawling the net to keep me occupied and found some adorable sites and am passing them on to you for your perusal...
This site has the most yummy papers, in some striking colours and is well worth a look at...
This site has some images that you can use
This site has some nice digistamps for you!

Hope you find something you like
Thank you for looking
Love debby xx

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Silhouette double sided adhesive sheets

I bought these sheets ages ago but never got round to playing with them...then a few or so ago Krafting Kelly wrote about them on her blog and showed a card she had made using

So I just had to experiment., I read Kellys post for information and then out they came..

I found a suitable background from the silhouette store and placed the sheet yellow side to the mat...because the background I had chosen was quite 'busy' I took Kellys advise and slowed the cut down to 2 other than that I used the settings that were preset for the sheets...

I then used a spatula to help me lift the design carefully off the mat, and laid it on my card front. When I was happy that it was positioned where I wanted it, I carefully lifted one end and started peeling back some of the yellow paper from the back. This bit I stuck down on the card and then I gently peeled and stuck the rest as it graduated along the card. I then used an old credit card to smooth along the card and make sure it was stuck down a all over and without bubbles.

I then removed the white paper and sprinkled the card with a fine glitter. Then I looked at my cameo mat and realised that I still had loads of inners still on the mat and I made this background for another card
As I was in experimental mode I thought I would try some gilding flakes and see how that would work with the doublesided adhesive sheets, and it worked a dream....

Then someone mentioned they had loads of foil and had never used out came my foil(just for experimental purposes really..) and I had to try fabulous and sooo easy...

I have decided I Love these sheets!!

Here are the cards that I have actually managed to finish before going off on tangents...

Thank you for looking
Love debby xx

Bic biros and watercolours...

I was so happy to see Penny Duncan sharing her files again as she does some really useful and great files and I have been using her files for a few years now., I found her site quite by accident several years ago when I was equiped with my SD way before a cameo even existed in my world!!

Any way having seen that she was so kindly allowing us to download her files again I had to have a peek at them and see what new creations she had...and I found a lovely sketch file that I downloaded from her blog here...

I decided to try using a bic biro in my pen holder, because originally I just wanted an ink picture of this you can see the bic biro worked perfectly! I had expected to see clumps or blemishes being that I used just a biro but none to be seen!!

Haaving finished the sketch I decided it needed some colour and got my 5 watercolour pens out that I have so I had to mix up my colour a little!! Not conventional colours overall, but Im happy with the results

Thank you for looking
Love debby xx

Monday, 17 June 2013

Im still around!

Hello Gang,.

Just a quick Hello to let you know that Im still alive and kicking....I just havent crafted anything really since the hat boxes! I have been so tired from my hospital treatments but they finished a few weeks back so hopefully I will be around an awful lot more now.

Today I wemt to the craft shop and bought some American craft smooth cardstock and Im already thinking of a card to make, and hopefully I will have the time tomorrow before I take my son to the hospital for his appointment. Hes still very unwell and this has been going on with him since September last year but still hes collapsing and being very sick and fitting and they still cant find the right treatment for him.

Hope to be back here in a sparkly cloud!
Thank you for looking

Love debby xx