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Sunday, 16 August 2015

The silhouette Curio

I was very lucky to have a new curio this week, and have spent the week playing and learning how to use it.

There is only a little addition to the software used for the cameo, and so the learning curve was not so bad for me, but I will bear in mind that someone who buys the curio as their first machine, will have a far greater learning curve.

Now the question is do I think the curio is worth its money? well yes, if it was the first machine I had  bought and I was 'only' a card maker then I would be highly delighted with this machine. Its cut surface is more than big enough for card toppers, I can print and cut with it and use my pens the older gel pen holder fits in the blade housing perfectly. I can do anything that I did with my cameo only on a smaller scale. I  have cut card upto 300gsm so far and it cut well. It looks like it will compliment my cameo perfectly.

Here are a fw samples that ive made this week

This was my first attempt at embossing, it looks very faint, but I went in without reading the instructions, had I done so then I would have removed a 1 plate and when I did that it turnered out much better

This is a white uncoated piece of card 250gsm and I think it turned out pretty well and would be happy to use that as a background on a card.

This is a box the biggest I could make on the curio the card base was 270gsm card from Llidl it cut beautifully on the curio as you can see.There will be a larger mat out around October time so the boxes and 3d items you can make will increase with that release, so that would be well worth getting.

Finally I tried my pens to compare with the cameo

As you can see the pens were as excellent as with the cameo.

I made lots of different things that I can not show for now as they have been sent for the design team,
and more importantly I was behind and forgot to photo them! (silly me)

All in all I like the new curio and think it best as a cardmakers machine or a stand along side the My cameo will be plugged in along side the curio and will both have good use.

Thank you for looking
love debby xx

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

weekend crafting

This weekend I am having a new toy to play with and I cant wait!!

I have no choice but to craft all weekend getting to know my new toy and will show you some  sneak peaks!! I have card paper and alcohol inks all lined up ready for use!

It is a machine that will be a dream for card makers and crafters alike

hope you check out my blog on the weekend

love debby xx

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

3d square Ink Holder

As I havent really crafted in a while I decided to make something from the silhouette store that would be useful in my new craft room, and whilst emptying one of my numerous drawers, I felt a little sorry for my ink pads that had litterally just been chucked in the drawer (Yes Im blushing at the carelessness of it) and so I found this lovely st of holders for my inks. The design is by Jamie Cripps and the design ID is *45605.

As the holder is designed to fit 4 ink pads in I knew I would need more than one to start so I had a design here that would stack which was just what I wanted.

I used Silhouette brand chipboard

 I had a new blade as I had managed to chip my last one! so the chipboard cut perfectly on the recommended silhouette settings of blade 5 speed 1 thickness 33 double cut,  if I use a  well used blade I sometimes have to adjust the blade depth and my old cammie never worked on the recommended setting but all machines are different and you just have to take the time to get to know yours!

 I cut out enough chipboard to make 2 holders, and so the constructing began....

It was easy to do, much easier than I thought it would be once I sorted out the drawers from the drawer cases.

I used a bone folder to give me crisp edges,

 and I used the red tape to stick it together because I knew I needed something strong to hold it

 The outer drawer was  easy to construct too, but you have to make sure you crease the lines precisely other wise the drawer doesnt fit! (yes we all know I made the sloppy mistake first!!!)

The 'outer box' as it were was a simple make with 4 little bits of red tape

Here is a finished one...

I then added my second one on top and stuck it down again with red tape

As you can see, if you make 4 you can have them stand 2 up side by side and have a nice storage unit for your Ranger distress inks and the like! can also decorate them as you would wish. I chose to decoupatch mine and used some decoupage paper from Hobbycraft and some mod podge glue..

The mod podge glue gives it a sealed finish and so I didnt have to do anything else to the holder.
I used the silhouette  printable foil and a black silhouette pen to make labels of the colours of myink pads so I could see them at a glance.

Hope you like it and it gives you some inspiration for your own craft makes.

Thank you for looking
Love debby xx
I have been noticable in my absence the last couple of months....firstly I was admitted to hospital with palpitations and had a little stay but its all been stabilised now and Im back to my normal level of fitness. I have also in the last couple of weeks been given the diagnosis of psoratic arthritis which has explained some  unknown pains Ive been getting for the last year or 2. Now I know what it is Im up against  I can deal with it....

The biggest stress on me has been released as our house has been saved and is no longer up for demolition....the council could not get all the people to sell that they wanted and so their plan for redevelopment is now no viable so I get to stay in my beloved home yay party on!

All the stress that was holding me back is gone  now and Im hoping that my craft inspirations return with a vengeance! Im having yet a new craft room, Im going back to myold one as I preferred that room to the one Im in now and Hubby is hammering and constructing as we speak ...I cant wait.

Im off to make some storage for my new room see ya soon

thank you for reading this
love debby xx