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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Well we had a very busy but lovely christmas with all our children their partners and friends it is such a special time that i  even put away my silhouette for a couple of days!! but back to it lol...
today i have been making new years cards to send out tomorrow...
i used the file from silhouette store rounded lattice card i cut it in a purple colour (it looks brown here but it is purple!) and i used a blue mirror card to go behind the lattice work, as i wanted it to be a little glitzy for new year....

as you can see the file cut beautifully. I was using a card weight of 250 gms so i cut on speed 3 with the pressure of 33 and it cut on a single cut and was very easy to i cut the backing card on the same speed and weight and although that was mirror card it too cut on one cut....

i used double sided tape to stick it down as it needed something strong to hold it in place...

i measured the apiture in the front of the card and drew a simple oval to fit and then to get a layer for it i went to the offset area of the software in ss and did an internal offset for my layer

i stuck these using tape again but instead of removing all the tape i tend to part peel leaving most on and enough hanging so you can easily pull the backing off this way it is easy to remove the layer until you are happy with its position on your card then peel the remaining waste away..

this method has saved me quite a few redos...nothing worse than sticking your layers skew wiff lol..
the only thing left to do was add some text..i used arial black in ss and welded individual words together and cut them in the mirror card...

and there it thats what ive been up to today..enjoy yourself love debby xx

Monday, 19 December 2011

so ive made a card for my daughters birthday..the pics arent great at the moment becaause i have a shiney new camera and no batteries lol so ive used my reliable but not brill phone heres the pics

I used the sketch feature of the silhouette and a daisy from the silhouette store that i bought on black friday. I liked the result of the sketch but as my daughter is a lover of glittery shiney things i added some rhinestones to make it sparkle. I also wanted it to zing out of the card so i did a purple background with a very strong green the ribbon is also purple altho it doesnt look like it in the photo. The ribbon border was a file i had on my pc i dont know where i  got it from so if you recognise it and know where it came from please write a comment and let us all know.

It was a lovely file to work with and i love the way that it holds the ribbon and  makes a kind of gathering of it.To finish off the card front i added a simple charm. For the inside i used the text on my silhouette mostly in the fonts adorable and roman times...

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Well ive finally got off my behind and actually done some crafting...but i have a good excuse for my tardiness as someone gave me a nasty virus that knocked me for six...but im sooo much better now and its over and done with just before christmas....and so as i was sooo poorly i had to do some shopping online hehee and somehow i managed to add a new camera to my basket and it was delivered today...i just need to get some batteries and i will be over to post my creations yesterday i made loads of boxes to put the costume jewellery in that my hubby made for my daughter for christmas i got the file from an svg folder that i downloaded and traced but i cant for the life of me remember where i got the svg from....i cant show you them because hubby was taking them as i was finishing them and wrapping it all up....i have also made a birthday card for my daughter for boxing day and tomorrow i will post this...soz for no piccies yet love debby xxx thank you for reading this xx

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

ive been a little slack this week as someone gave me a ive been laid up and i have done still feeling a little under the weather so it maybe a few days before i get my mojo back and can start crafting again..i fancy doing some sketchwork with my beloved sil babes so will let you know how it turns debby xx

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

I tried quilling a few years ago and wasant very good at it..then last week i was in the newsagents and on a cardmaking magazine was a gift of quilling papers a tool and an instructional book so i bought it to have ago... this is the result of the card i made for mum....

the card i cut on my silhouette and the verse was done using a sakura gel pen in the pen holder...(remember to do your sketch work before your cuts!!).. i cut a lenght of quilling paper and made it into a circle to fit inside my appeture...and then made 12 large loose circles which you then pinch the ends of to make the leaf shape...(15 cm lengths of quilling paper) and 10 medium sized loose circles (10 cm lengths) for the other leaves and the berries were made with tight circles (5 cms) and all glued onto the original circle i had made and attached to the card....

It was a very simple but i think elegant card....i am making circles out of the quilling paper whilst watching tv so i think i will have lots of projects coming up that feature quilling!!!! love debby xx

Sunday, 4 December 2011


So now im turning to creating for the christmas table...and i had some plain church candles with i jazzed up a little....
i had 2 battery operated and 2 wax ones and i gave them all the same treatment....firstly i cut a border out on my silhouette and used wet glue to stick that down... i used a copper coloured card that i ran through my bigshot to give it some texture...

then i cut a strip of vellum (a yellow one with flowers on from Kanban) tied a cream ribbon around that and then glued on a felt flower with a button in the middle...a bit more interesting for the christmas table than just a candle!!

Saturday, 3 December 2011

my green wreath

I bought the green circle wreath at the local pound store and hubby thought i was mad...because it was just a plain green circle of imitation grasses...but i took it home and gave it some bling......firstly i hunted around my vases and took some flowers from arrangements around the house and i bought a bunch of fabric roses at pound land which had 7 roses on it i cut them and seperated them into single stems...

i cut some butterflies with my sil babes and excessively! glittered them....there are many files for butterflies freely available over the net....or you can buy some nice ones at the silhouette store...i then got my trusty black thread and litterally tied it all onto the wreath in an area about 1/3rd of the counterbalance it i then got some gold organza ribbon cut into three and tied glass ornaments onto each piece and tied them onto the wreath with bows....a spruced up wreath voila!!!!

love debby xx

my rosette wreath

i made this wreath after seeing several ones on the internet...most of them were done in the steam punk vein but i wanted a softer look for mine and altho it isnt perfect i am pleased with it...the first thing to do is make a grand pile of rosettes and this is where i came unstuck as i was quite happily using my hot glue gun to stick the rosettes together when i accidentally glued myself!!! i ended up with a bad burn that needed treatment and my project was put on hold for awhile..i have since learnt from many crafters that they have all done this and now use gloves with their i had enough rosettes i cut out a large circle of heavy card and stuck on the rosettes its a good idea to lay them out first and check you like it before glueing down!! nce i had them glued i addded some charms and ribbon..this is an easy project but can be time consuming making all the rosettes but it was fun...hope you like it!!!

Friday, 2 December 2011

So yesterday i didnt actually do any craft as it was my youngest sons birthday and we went out as a family and had a great time and a lovely meal...and when i came home i was too stuffed to do i just put my feet up and watched television for a while then went to bed early...but today dh and i have been very busy as we have our grandson for the we have been rushing around putting up the christmas tree and the trimmings.....there is a wreath on the front door and one on the lliving room door!!! and santas everywhere......tomorrow we are going to meet santa and then i know when we get home my grandson will want to craft with i have a box ready for him to make christmas cards with...i will post some when they are done xx thank you for visiting!! see you soon i hope love debby xx

Thursday, 1 December 2011

 Finding Time To Create

The above website is where i got the templates for my christmas village..from krafting kelly...she has lots of tutorials on her site and is a very helpful lady who is as besotted with her cameo as i am with my silhouette... the templates kelly made are very easy to follow and she has even done a tutorial should you need it but i found the biggest problem i had was choosing what papers to use!!!

I had great fun making up the houses and found some father christmases from germany to add to my scene...the trees are very good for using up scraps of paper and card and look very elegant..if you go to kellys site and download the templates then please tell her that you appreciate them thank you

debby xx

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

This card took a lot of thought as it was for my nieces wedding...i thought about what i wanted to do then i adapted files that i had to make the 'lace' for the dress. Firstly i cut out a long dress shape on my silhouette and a bodice seperately..then i used a cupcake wrapper for the lace and just made it larger and fit the 'dress' i used some organza ribbon as the underskirt and hey presto!!

I had such fun making these cards. They were  my very 1st grunge cards and i loved playing with the ink...i used a tim holtz walnut and sepia tones ...the flower was very easy it was just a strip of paper with snips in the edges and rolled up then squashed out ...The toppers were in my stash and the newspaper was a free file from silhouette ...

Monday, 28 November 2011

This is the first scrapbook page i did..It is my daughter nicky and was done in craft artist...i thought the original photo was lovely and deserved to be glamoured up.i hope she thinks i did it justice...i loved the feathers and the fact that you could put a shadow on the page to make it look 3d. i am biased because i think she is beautiful xx

please be patient

Please be patient with me as i am still learning how to blog and so this blog isnt so good at the moment but the thing with craft ers is that we like to learn new things /techniques and ideas its all a learning this is my new curve for now along with my projects that are on the go...i will try to post some of my previous cards and boxes...and see how i go along...


Hello and welcome to my little place on the internet...if you have found me then you must be a member of silhouette favourite forum..i found this by accident and am now constantly there with the most friendly helpful gang you will ever meet...I am a disabled crafter and love nothing more than glitter sparkle and paint splashing dog has been various colours and im sure he loves being sparkly too...i am a survivor of cancer and 2 heart attacks and am very happy to have survived both in the recent years and now take life as it comes....i love making my family happy and spoil them all!!!