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Monday, 22 October 2012

Halloween and christmas files

I couldnt sleep last night so I played with cammie and came up with these files and thought I would share them with anyone that wants them. If you do have them please leave me some love so Iknow wether its the type of thing people would use so next time I have an idea of what you all they are my files I am quite happy for you to use them however you want to just give me some love!!

Here is the link to the file..

and heres the 2nd one a christmas one

and heres the link for that one

Have fun and enjoy!! Im off to play xx

Thank you for looking
Love debby xx


I thought afterall the halloween things it was time to start on my christmas themed items, and so I bought the H and the O from the silhouette store and happily cut them out!! Yep I was all innocent and keen and came a cropper on the 'O's but I persevered and ended up with something akin to an O.

The card I used for these were from germany a company called Max Bringmann and they were beautiful, unfortunatley  the os let me down. I had no trouble with the Hs they went together like a dream but I just could not get the Os to go together in a reasonable shape and one of them is decidedly oval! I will put them up at christmas but Iwont be trying to make anymore Os for a long time!

Thank you for looking
Love debby xx

Another witch project

When looking through the silhouette store I found this file whilst looking for inspiration and decided that I liked it. I think it ws meant to go onto a wooden plaque but hey I have loads of frames waiting to be used so frame it was...

I cut this one whilst cutting the previous project so they all fitted onto the same pieces of vinyl. Theres not much to say about this one except of course if you are doing it on a frame then dont for get to reverse the image before cutting so that it goes inside the frame.
It is a cheeky little frame and I love it! and so will my daughter so i think I may loose this one when she sees it!

Thank you for looking
Love debby xx

Haunted House picture

I decided it was time to play with my vinyl again and this file from the silhouette store caught my eye...

This was not as easy as it looks because you had to be quite precise with the layering. I cut it all out then laid the orange circle onto my tranfer sheet,. Onto that i then layered the black house and bats and that was no mean feat i can tell you! I then got my trusty pokey tool to lift the green vinyl and carefully put that in place (amid much cursing and redoing!) I also must say that before cutting I reversed the image because I was putting it onto glass. I then took a deep breathe and flopped it onto the glass and used my scrapper(old credit card) and finally was able to remove the transfer sheet.

I looked on my pc and found a backing paper that was a very pale orange and printed it out as a backing sheet to finish this project off. I cant remember where I got the backing sheet from it was so long ago but I think it must have been from a blog train.

Thank you for looking
Love debby xx

Potion bottle

Debbie from the silhouette plus forum made up this lovely file and I thought it would be a great addition to my growing halloween collection...You can get the file from here:-  Debbie loves the fact that people all over the world use her files to make up,..if you get the file please leave her some blog love!!

I didnt do any adaptions to this i just made it as is

but whats all that stuff on it? I hear you ask..Well I did that deliberatly to age the bottle and make it look dusty, I used my cosmic shimmer on it and although in the photo it looks naff it does look better in real terms I think! A nice little bottle and easy to make.

Thank you for looking
Love debby xx

more Halloween things...

I know I have been missing of late but I have been crafting and have lots to upload today so this is the first of a few posts....

I have spent a week with my Mum and Dad over in the forest...I had a fabulous time..just being able to sit and talk with those closest to you can be soul reviving...

Then I came home and started to put together my plans for halloween decorations and started with this rather sweet treat box from the silhouette store. I decided it would make a nice candle holder, so out came the electronic candles and 6 of these were made..

I think their little faces are so cute...and they will be lighting up my path for halloween...

Then I got round to sticking on my labels to the jars and filling them with the bits and pieces i have found in the pound shop...

I still have the lids to do and havent yet filled them with coloured water, I found black, red and green food colouring in Asda this week at 2 for £1 a great deal. The eyeballs are tabletennis balls, the skulls are from poundland, they were a banner and there were 6 on the banner for a pound! bargain..the dried vampire fangs is fruit know the sort, when your ill and some kindly soul brings you flavoured tea cause its good for you but when you taste it yuck! well I must have had lots of visitors thinking the same thing because I found 5 opened packs at the back of my cupboard and they were all dated 2008! so waste not want not as granny used to say and voila now its vampire fangs!

Thank you for looking
Love debby xx

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

A Sketch frame

I found this saying and rather liked it so decided to do a frame with it...then I sat at my pc to actually do it and just felt I couldnt do any more vinyl at the moment....but I wanted this I decided to use the sketch feature of my cameo and see how it turned out....

I scoured my pc for a backing paper and found this yellow splodgy one that I got from a blog hop moons ago. I then looked at my fonts and decided to use Georgiana snf which I had bought from sil store when I had loads of credit that I had to use up or loose...

I used my sil pen holder and a sakura gel pen in black. This is how it turned out

It says: there will always be a reason to meet people, either you need them to change your life or you're the one to change theirs....

I framed it with a frame from poundland...

Not sure wether I like the end result or not but I think its growing on me...

Thank you for looking
Love debby xx

3d Halloween boots

Last year there were some lovely examples of 3D witches boots floating around and they were stunning!! But I was still so new to 3d that I didnt try them, but this year they had a file in the silhouette store and I was being the mad woman i am i decided to give it a go...and heres the results

The main card I used was from a collection from Germany that I bought in my local Lidl store last year...It was an Autumn/Winter pack of the most lovely double sided card...I used one piece for the main parts of the boots and a little black card and off cuts in my stash for the rest....

I had so much trouble trying to stick the boots together that I got quite frustrated,. I dont know wether it was the card or my glue but they just did not want to stick and are being held together by a wing and a prayer...

A fun file but by gosh frustrating to boot...

Thank you for looking
Love debby xx

Monday, 8 October 2012

Halloween wreath

Having made the other Halloween items I thought I should need a Halloween wreath to hand on the door....Yep I intend frightening the little mites this year as they all think Im some sweet old Lady that lives in my house wih my hubby and

I looked around Pinterest and saw so many lovely ideas...I particularly liked one I saw that had eyeballs glues to it but thought that was maybe a little to scary for the children around by me...

Armed with ideas and keen to get on I nagged hubby to take me to the craft store and get some supplies..I found a styrofoam ring, black crepe paper and black feathers...I took them home and within an hour I had made this wreath

Firstly I cut some strips of crepe and wrapped it around the ring. My intention then was to make loads of rolled roses out of the crepe and glue them all over the ring...but my intentions were good but my body was unwilling to let me make loads of is very hard to continuously work with so after a few roses I got very bored with making them and decided I needed a few bell like flowers instead of just roses so I rolled the crepe very loosly and glued it so that it looked like bells mixed with roses....after making a few I decided to start glueing them onto the ring with some feathers. Once I had got to the stage that it is now I decided that I liked what I saw and finished it there...Not what I originally intended it to look like but one that I am quite happy with...

Thank you for looking
Love debby

Saturday, 6 October 2012

A halloween frame for my daughter

I saw this saying and immediately knew it was just my daughters sense of humour so I made this frame for her....I will give it to her for halloween

The outer frame that I used was from the sil store, and seemed to go very well with this saying and i was very pleased with how lovely it cut..

The font was one of the Arials, I cant remember which one though as I have 3 different ones on my pc...
The vinyl was easier to weed than it was to get it onto the glass but then I dont intend to really do this frame again and again!

The background card was charcoal grey from the Debbi Moore collection

Thank you for looking
Love debby xx

Coffins and legs

I have been having so much fun making Halloween pieces, I have not been to well and have been housebound for a few days and got very bored so Halloween stuff it was...

I have made spiders bats and ghosts all from files in the sil store and they are now poised in a box ready to frighten the boys and girls around my area....

Today I have made 40 Coffins (the same file I used last year) and 16 pairs of witches legs...oh what fun...

I decorated the coffins with vinyl pieces I had in my stash!! and the stockings on the witches legs were also done with vinyl from the bit box in my stash!!

I decided the witches boots needed to be dirty and so to give them that muddy look with a gold coloured cosmic shimmer..I glued each leg onto a cocktail stick so that they can be placed into the mud in the front garden Halloween night

thank you for looking
love debby xx


I saaw a saying whilst looking at halloween fonts and it made me laugh and it inspired me to make this frame with cammie

Firstly it was hard trying to find fonts that were suitable but I ended up using the font Joan for the main body of writing as I wanted something that was easily readable by children, as I intend sticking this to my front door for Halloween!! The word creeping was done using the font Exquisite Corpse! even the name of it gives me shivers!

I typed the words into sil studio and because I was using vinyl on glass I then turned the whole thing back to front before I cut so that the words are on the inside of the frame....The creeping font was a little troublesome to weed at first but once yu got a hook into it easy as pie...

I used a very nice charcoal coloured card from Debbi Moore stock that I had lying around but in this picture it looks charcoal!!

I know it is a little slanted and that was on purpose (Yea yea) because i dropped a corner onto the glass before I had lined it up properly and it stuck better than you can usually get it to stick so wonky it is....

thank you for looking love debby xx