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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Competition entry

I decided to enter a few competitions online with cardmaking, for no other reason than to give me something to do...because when you start out with a goal in mind the achievement felt when you finish is such a good thing..

I chose the challenge at

For this challenge you had to go look at fabric flower jewellery and hair ornaments and take your inspiration from first the idea I had was something Oriental and floral (afterall you cant forget the flowers in this inspiration!) but having looked at Lotus flowers I decided I didnt like the files out there available and didnt want to do a print and cut of one so I chose to do one of my scalloped flowers and the little family of flowers grew....and so did the idea....and this 3d card was born...

The wheelbarrow and box came from a template that I bought right back in 2008 from a company called Card Carousel....I new it would come in handy one day!! I cut out the barrow on my cammie in white card then gave it a rub over with my Tim Holz distress ink in walnut stain....

I wanted the flowers to sit in the barrow but because it had quite deep sides they wouldnt..thats where some green tissue paper came in handy...I screwed it up and pulled it about until it gave a resonable base for the flowers to sit on...To secure the flowers i put them on to foam pads and pressed them onto the tissue paper..I put as many as I dared to into the barrow....All the flowers were made with digipaper from dreemies, and I used 4 different papers...

I made a little scene in CAP2 for the back of the box just to give it a little interest and placed a fence, a watering can and a hedgehog on there and added a branch which I then glues some paper flowers to...
This was my project completed....

Thank you for looking
Love debby xx

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Playing with CAP2

After much waiting Cap2 arrived today, and Ive been playing.....firstly I managed to try cutting a simple reindeer from the software with my cammie and it worked straight away, it was quite straight forward but then ive had cap1 for a few years now and have played with it now and Im not so new to the software as others may be....

I havent done a print and cut from the software yet but some say it can be done but I read a tutorial on how to and it seems to me there is quite a lot of faffing around and so i would probably still export as a jpeg or png and trace in sil software as that is so easy to do .. as long as you remember to trace and detach....
Anyhow this is my first play at CAP2 and I worked out how to do the tansparency all by myself...thus opening the door for me to make my own backgrounds in a customised way....

I did this and got this far but thought this card wouldnt need anything else, and am thinking it is a good idea that I buy my card in bulk!!  I think I maybe MIA for a few days as I play xx

Thank you for looking
Love debby xx

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

2 more christmas cards

After playing with craft artist and waiting for my new software to arrive, I felt the need to do physical crafting but couldnt make my mind up just what I wanted to do...when hubby came to the rescue...he is a darling and had gone to town for a few things and boy did he spoil me again...he got me not 1 but 2 new cds....

The first one was Vintage Christmas by Hot off the press and the second one was Mooey Christmas by Nitwits and I cant make my mind up which one I like the best!! I like the elegance of the vintage christmas but then my humour chooses Mooey christmas guess they are both great additions to my crafting stash and will be favourites for years to come...

Here is the first card from the Vintage christmas using papers and the element from the cd

I uploaded the element into my silhouette cameo and did a basic print and cut and cut a whole sheet of the sentiment it worked like a dream....for the layers I took one of the sentiments and did an offset so that I had the right shape to ensconse the shape and gave it a depth of 0.5 I then did an offset of that shape and again gave that a depth of 0.5 and cut them on the cameo...I managed to get 2 of the 1st layer and 2 of the second layer on each sheet of A4 card and managed to make 4 cards 2 this way and 2 with the layers reversed. I added some faux pearls and some gems to give it some bling...I chose to put it onto a pale card just to tone it down slightly..

The second batch of cards I have made were from the Nitwits CD Mooey christmas I had so much fun making these that I was giggling all the way through....

The caracter is so sweet and I once again took the elements into my cameo and did them all on print and cut. It makes card making so much easier when yourmachine cuts it all out for you! 3 of the cards had pink ribbon  but the 4th one I changed the colour of the ribbon to a tonal yellow that matched the background and added a few sparkly gems....I know most  people would think childrens cards but my daughter and her friends will love these and they are all in their late 20s so a versitile card to have to hand..

Thank you for looking
love debby x

Saturday, 15 September 2012


So waiting in anticipation for my new software I decided to play in cap1 and so I did a piccy of my new grand daughter Lucy with her first cuddles with her aunty Nicky....a cuddle that Nj will always heres my work of art for today!!

I just love playing...I brightened up the photo in craft artist with the photo lab and just played until i liked what i saw...

Thank you for looking
love debby xx


Ok so it was released yesterday and I followed the trend and bought it...but it was such a fantastic price honest...and whats more is hubby told me to buy it!! I think the sighs and OOOhhs sort of gave him a clue....So being me I then went to Serif and Daisytrail to find out more about this new software I now am eagerly awaiting...and Wow wow woow

Firstly as a card maker I was drawn to the 3d decoupage tool (I know I can make decoupage with the sil software, I just aint that good at it) I think I will be having sooo much fun with that tool alone.....

Then I noticed that it will make svg files...this got me so excited as in theory it should be possible for the svgs to work with cammie...but lots of people are saying it wont so I will have to wait and see if they will by playing for myself and if they dont thats ok cause you can still export as jpegs and import those to cammie.............

Whether it works with cammie or doesnt it really isnt the be all and end all because it is a good stand alone piece of software and it will be a fabulous bonus should it work with if im not around for awhile you know its because Im having so much fun playing and learning my new software

Thank you for looking
Love debbyxx

Friday, 7 September 2012

The good and the bad...

Well its been a peculiar week, Ive been visiting my parents after my Dad was taken ill and spent a few daysin hospital and visiting doctors but Im very glad to say that he is doing really well and is on the road to recovery....But whilst away at my parents my beautiful granddaughter Lucy was born.

So yesterday I got to play doting Nanny and held her for the first time and I loved it!!

 Lucy with her Daddy just after she was born!
and Lucy with Aunty Nicky who is going to spoil her rotten!!

Such a fantastic event and one which brings tears to my eyes...

Then we came home to find my first wheelchair is on its way, something that Im not overly happy with because who really wants to need a wheelchair? but the advantages of not being house bound and to be able to go shopping or even out will be lovely and I wont have to rely on one of the kids taking me out in the car but hubby and I will be able to go on the bus or to the supermarket again something that I took for granted for many hopefully the chair will give me a new lease of life and is what you make of it and I intend to squeeze all I can get out of whats left for me!!

Thank you for looking
Love debby xx

Saturday, 1 September 2012

flower wreaths

My sister has been very unwell after an operation so I wanted to cheer her up and the best way I can do that is to make her something pretty and glamourous and sparkly....So after having a think and a look around I remembered this from Krafting kelly and decided to give it a go. I intended when I cut the first pink roses for it to be autumnal with pinks oranges and reds but my hands went to blues and purples and well this is what I ended up with

Over the years I have collected many flower files and Im sure you have too so theres no need for me to say use this flower use that flower ...i will say use what you have and see what you get...
After making this wreath I realised I had over done it on the flower making department (you can make tons in one evening if you're  not careful!!) and I had enough for another another it was

All I made for this one to finish it was the lighter yellow daisies all the other flowers are the same, but what a difference the lower tone made....

Thank you for looking
Love debby xx