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Friday, 6 July 2012

Anniversary card for my parents

July was the month my parents married and they have had such a very happy marriage,yes theyve had their rows over silly things and soon sorted themselves out again, but my fathers stroke 6 years ago was a major change in both of their lives. As my dads carer my mum sometimes gets down but thats only to be expected because as i now know having the sole care of someone is a lot of strain on you, and I admire my husband and mother for the patience and care they both devote to me and my dad..

So it was time to design and make a card for them. My mum loves Poppies and so i started looking through my stash and on my cds to find Poppies and the only ones i could find were blue poppies which didnt seem quite what i wanted...

Hiding amongst my cds was a Debbi Moore shabby chic collection where I found a lovely design sheet and i felt that it would be beautiful and that my mum would like it so here it is

I cut the card shape from a pealised card 250gsm and layered the front circle on with foam pads. A few sentiments and some bling and it was done. I managed to import the arched shapes into my sil and do them on a print and cut so all in all a very quick card once i had made the file for ss.

Thank you for looking
Love debby xx

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  1. Debby, I know your parents loved this card. You did a great job!