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Saturday, 11 May 2013

Wedding Hat Box

I am a member of several pages on facebook .. all to do with the Silhouette Cameo because I like to see what others are making with their of the pages Ive been a member of for a while amongst others is the German page and boy do those women make some wonderful things!

One of the Ladies there (she is an admin on the page) has her own blog where she very kindly makes and gives free files for personal use and the wedding hat box was one of her files, and I fell in love with the possibilities that you could do with this file!

Natalilas blog is here

She has some lovely files, and this hat stood out to me and this is what I did with the file, which incidently was very easy to put together...

Hope you enjoyed looking at my little wedding hats, they would make great favors for wedding tables but I just wanted to have fun with them.

Thank you for looking
Love debby xx

Decoupatch box

I went to the new craft shop in town yesterday and they had a great array of chipboard bixes and shapes and I found a largish box that I liked and it was only 99p so cheap as chips! I took it home with the vague idea that I could do something 'artyish' with it and so the super sparkly girly box was created!

Firstly I found some home made 'gold' glimmer mist and sprayed the bottom of the box., although in this picture it looks more orangey than in real terms.

I then had to decide what to do with the top,. I had no decoupatch glue and very little papers, the decoupatch papers that I had were red and I decided not suitable for this project,. then I remembered the christmas napkins I had leftover from last christmas stuck in a drawer....Luckily they were 3 ply and so I set to work...Firstly I made myself some glue, by slightly watering down some PVA glue, to a runnier consistency and left it to settle whilst I prepared my napkin.
As it was a 3 ply napkin it needed separating out so that I removed the layers and was left with just the top layer with the pattern on. I then had such fun ripping it up into small pieces!

First you spread the glue over your surface (not too much surface at once cause the glue dries quickly!) then you lay a piece of tissue and then glue ontop of the tissue you have just laid...a very quick and easy craft! but quite relaxing and you can make your own design!

I left that to dry during the day and then decided it really wasnt blingy enough for me and I thought of using glitter spray on but thought it might not work, when hubby said why not try the glitter glaze you have?? Great idea! so on went the glitter glaze which means the glitter is encapsulated and wont shed everywhere and 2 it will give the lid a little protection!

I made a few tattered roses and added them to the lid with a bow and a very super blingy girly box

Thank you for looking
Love debby xx

Sunday, 5 May 2013

The Eiffel Tower

As you all know I have been a little slack in my crafting just lately with Life getting in the way. This weekend is a bank holiday so I had time to play.,at first I just looked at my desk and nothing..I had a complete blank...and then this horrid thought came to me...'I had forgotten how to craft' but that couldnt be right surely???? Still I sat and looked and inspiration, no projects or cards that needed doing...nothing...

So on went the pc and to pinterest I went...and nothing...panic started to creep in, had I really 'lost' my creative streak?? I looked on the forums and facebook...nothing...and then I started to think logically..I couldnt just lose my abilities, they were obviously hiding from me...but what to do??

I then remembered all those new files I had bought in the silhouette store sale because they might come in handy some day,,,,and figured today was someday..I looked at all my new files and chose a 3d file of the Eiffel tower.

I found a gunship grey card inamongst the card I had bought from Lidls and it cut beautifully on blade 5 on cammie. I put it together, I found with my dexterity problems that if I tried to glue from the bottom up I was out of line but if I stuck the top first and worked my way down it alined better for me weird but it is what it is..

I thought the grey needed a little more colour added to it so out came my cosmic shimmer glimmer mist sprays, they are years old but I still have tons left and now also have lovely metallic red, green and purple hands! magic!

I cut a flower from the sil store and some flourished also from the sil store that I cut and rotated for fun!

After making this tower I decided to make another one the same and put the battery t lights under them and they now reside on my bedside tables for something different as a bedside light..Hubby loves them!!
Thank you for looking
Love Debby