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Sunday, 29 July 2012

Memory book and box

So with my new cammie I wanted to make everything and do it all well and do it all at once!! my impatience shone through :} I had to compromise and start just one project so I thought I would make my daughter a memory book. I thought it would be quick and easy, how wrong was I?
It wasnt just the finding photos to use it was discarding the ones i wasnt!! I have enough on stand by to make another 2 books!!! Then the choosing of embellishments and colours...well its taken me aabout a week to get it to some sort of order, whilst I was unable to craft I was running ideas around in my mind and rejecting some right off and trying some and rejecting them until I ended up with the completed project....

The box was handmade by my hubby as I made 2 and they were both a disaster and I threw a big big tantrum so hubby took some card and made me this box....I made the flower from 6 scalloped circles and my trusty pokey tool, I stuck a gem in the middle to bling it up and used lilac distressed ink to give the white card a hint of colour. The pink frame I cut on my cammie and used one in the book and one on the lid. I used some purple satin ribbon for interest and some peel offs for the corners. I used the same gems on the corners as in the middle of the flower.

When you open the box you see this....
It is a memory book made from hardboard that I bought in the sales for £3.00. I painted every page with a gold paint for a base to work onto....

The flowers were cut on cammie and are from the sil store, I just used some brads from my stash to bling them...The embellishment was from a cd that I imported to cammie and made print and cuts from.
I wanted something on the front to make my daughter want to open up and see whats inside....hopefully this will grab her interest!!
The first picture I wanted to use was one from her childhood and so I did a page with teddy and a dolls house that I have used several times and is similar to one she had as a child...this led onto this page..

My 3 boys and Nicky!! They looked so sweet in this picture and the youngest is now 26 so a very old photo of them...the saying limited edition love was relevant because I always told my children that I will always love them but that didnt mean I liked what they did!! But we are a close family and I know they will never be alone because they will always have eachother.....

I then put this picture in to show what a spectacular woman my daughter has become a few flourishes and a nice sentiment and that side of the page spread was done...

As I had used a light purple on the other part of this spread I chose to use a blue to co ordinate rather than another purple incase it clashed....because it was the favourite picture of my daughter that most  agree on how fab she looks in the photo I thought I would remind her that  everything is possible and this sentiment felt perfect for that picture....

This was the next page and the backing paper was great for this photo as the people in it are Carly, Kevin and Nicky 3 best friends together...they have lived together, they go out together all the time and they holiday together,hey they even worked together for a while...but the point is that they travel all over together...the three of them have at least 2 holidays abroad together each year and they have for the last 10 years...whatever else is happening in their lives they always have a shoulder for eachother and I think they would be happy in a world with just them three hehe

I put this opposite the page with her friends because this photo was taken when she lived with them and so is a memory of their friendship...I cut a few butterflies and added them to this now I was really struggling for inspiration...this is what I came up with next

My daughter will not like the fact that I put this photo was taken the first night she went out after splitting from her long term partner and so it is still a memory...not all memories are good but sometimes you are stronger for having over come certain challenges life throws at you and indeed her life is so much better now than it was...

The sentiment here says:Summer is filled with breaking the rules, standing apart , ignoring your head and following your heart.....I think this sums up my daughter quite well

hehehe I had to throw one in didnt I??? The sentiment says: If friends were flowers Id pick you...well if I hadnt put a photo like this in then my daughter would have wondered what had gone wrong heheeh

Finally a photo of her and her current partner!! Hopefully they will be together a long time as he is such a nice person and they are sooo alike in their ideas and principles thye are a good match and I hope they have a very happy life together...

Here is the last page where I put photos I wanted in this book but had nowhere else to put them...

Not the best memory book in the world, but it was my first attempt and I just wanted to add more and more but I stopped myself as the card maker in me came out and I thinkl before I make another of these it would be an advantage to do a little more scrapbooking to get the page lay outs better..

Thank you for looking
Love debby xx


  1. This is fabulous Debbie! Your daughter is going to love, love, love this! Extremely well done.

  2. This book & box are just beautiful! So many pretty things to see...and all the great quotes. You are really talented!

  3. Debby, this is spectacular. A lot of love, creativity, and time has been placed into this beautiful box. Thank you for sharing. xxx - Debbie