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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

So for christmas i made a village from the files that krafting kelly made on the silhouetteplus forum..and i loved did the various visitors to the house and i heard the same phrase over and over 'enchanting' when it was time to take it down i didnt want to throw it away and i knew that packing it away for the year would have resulted in a very crumpled village that would resemble the leaning tower of pisa next my brain actually started to work and i decided to turn my chhristmas village into a fairy haven...heres the first transformation...
i started with this house
and i had some kanban card 'wood' that looks like loads of planks of wood so i spend ages and ages (about 2 mins with my cutter!) cutting it into individual planks and stuck them on as i figure ffairies houses would use the forest in all things...

Then came the biggest transformation ... the roof..

i looked around and found this leaf in the sil store as i had most of this months credit left (i have a prepaid account!) i just bought not very good at making my own files and tend to buy them or download from the generous people out there though i would love to have the ability to make my i only had a very pale green lightweight card so i just had to get out my inks and play..hehehe

i figured that you will find a mirad of colours on leaves and so i used greens blues yellows oranges and browns and just played and played and now i have multi coloured hands for a few days lol xx i stuck the leaves onto the roof with a wet photo glue making sure i covered all the previous roof as it was bright pink...i removed the cover from the chimney and put a paper flower on it...
and hey presto thats how i transformed a christmas house into a fairy haven  love debby xx

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