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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Tissue rolled roses

I have been lacking in my blog of late and I apologise!! Ive been to Mums again its great going there to see my parents and i always feel happier when i have visited them.....

So I thought it was time to settle back into my routine when my darling son was taken to hospital...he is having an operation tomorrow so i maybe a little hit and miss with my blog in the next week or 2!!

Meanwhile I looked in my stash for something different to do and found 4 packets of tissue paper so thought i  would try to use some and did rolled roses...I wanted summery colours so that they would be ready to put up next month when the sun was out (hehehehe living in UK do I every really see the sun?)
I made around 40 roses in batches of 10. The colours i chose were Yellow, Light orange, Medium orange,Red and I made 5 slightly larger Blue ones as I felt that if i didnt break up the colours with a contrasting one then it would look more like a Poppy wreath than a summer one!

As the roses were made from tissue I was able to cut an oval out of card stock (I chose green!) to glue them to as it didnt need anything more substantual as they were light weight...I stuck the roses onto the card using a photo glue...I then had to decide where to hang the wreath and decided it would make a pretty light switch decoration....

I havent stuck it down it is resting there by pure gravity but i made sure it barely touched the light switch and there was plenty of air flow!! It just brightens a little piece of my living room and gives it a bit of bling!!

Thank you for looking
Love Debby xx

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