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Monday, 17 December 2012

Frame for Michael

My oldest son recently became a father for the second time! and although he is a doting daddy he says his life is just work work work now as he has 2 children to provide for!! (I had 4 so I know how hard it can be bringing up children!!) I saw these words in the silhouette store (in the sale I might add!!) and immediately my sons words came back to me, so I just had to make this for him...

I managed to buy an A4 frame from the pound shop!! and cut the black and red words out.,, then I made a mistake by not having my grid under the glass to place the wording!! a mistake I hopefully will never make again! Although it looks reasonably straight for some reason it wasnt  centered right and I had a huge gap at the bottom....after looking at it for a day or two I decided it definately needed something to fill the gap...I found a flourish in my silhouette library and duplicated it rotated horizontically and vertically then welded the 2 flourished together and ended up with this lovely symetrical flourish!!

I am hoping to get away with this!!!

Thank you for looking
Love debby xx

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