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Saturday, 13 April 2013

A Pink Wreath for Macmillan!

I know its been a long time since I came to blogland, but I havent really made anything in a while...the hospital visits are draining me and I still have to go twice weekly but the light is at the end of the tunnel and Im almost there!!

Well my daughter asked a few times why I wasnt crafting and I said I just couldnt be bothered (yes that shows how bad I was!) so I think she has been finding things for me to do....the first is this wreath for an evening she is organising at her home. My daughter is a vegetarian and her lifestyle and views go hand in hand with that...she worked in the british heart foundation shop last year on her days off from work and thoroughly enjoyed her time there. , but whilst working there she realised just how much charities rely on fundraising and this year she has set to do some when she can.....

Her friend has been diagnosed with a very nasty little cancer so she chose to support Macmillan cancers girls night in for April...and there will be lots of fundraising done with her friends that night! Well as Mum Ive been draughted in and a decorative wreath has been ordered....

As it was a cancer night I felt the most appropriate colour would be Pink...I chose my back to basics no 3 pack from Dovecraft and found a nice little selection of interesting papers to use. I also added some red to the mix to stop the wreath being insipid.

So how to make.......
Firstly I used a 6inch polystyrene circle and painted it so any gaps would blend in and not shout out
In this case it was painted with a bluey green emulsion that I found lying around in hubbys shed....(hope he didnt need it hehe)

Then I cut and made up my flowers,,I used the scalloped circle roses that I usually use aws I find these very easy to will find the link to the outube video on my other wreath from last year.
I also made some rolled flowers from a file in the sil store and made those in red.

I then cut out my leaves from a file from the sil store, ( the file was 8 autumn leaves) and I found some delightful skeleton leaves by papermania in the clearance bin in Hobbycraft this week and thought them whimsy enough to add to this wreath...

So with everything ready off I went....firstly I used my glue gun to stick the leaves to the wreath, there is no real formula to this you just have to glue them where you think you would like this instant all over the edges!!

At this point it is a good idea to lay your flowers onto the wreath without sticking them to see what it looks like this stage you can rearrange the flowers until you like the is then just a case of gluing them on., for this I still use my glue gun.
Once they are as you want and glued on any gaps can be filled with smaller flowers, elements like keys were you doing a steam punk type one or like in this one Ive added butterflies

Thank you for looking
Love debby x

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