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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

I have been noticable in my absence the last couple of months....firstly I was admitted to hospital with palpitations and had a little stay but its all been stabilised now and Im back to my normal level of fitness. I have also in the last couple of weeks been given the diagnosis of psoratic arthritis which has explained some  unknown pains Ive been getting for the last year or 2. Now I know what it is Im up against  I can deal with it....

The biggest stress on me has been released as our house has been saved and is no longer up for demolition....the council could not get all the people to sell that they wanted and so their plan for redevelopment is now no viable so I get to stay in my beloved home yay party on!

All the stress that was holding me back is gone  now and Im hoping that my craft inspirations return with a vengeance! Im having yet a new craft room, Im going back to myold one as I preferred that room to the one Im in now and Hubby is hammering and constructing as we speak ...I cant wait.

Im off to make some storage for my new room see ya soon

thank you for reading this
love debby xx

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