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Sunday, 26 February 2012

This weekend i have been making a couple of cards for the introduction of the March challenge on silhouette plus...I then had my babes play me up and decided not to as i  was in the crafting mood i decided to do some quilling whilst hubby worked his magic on my babes....

I saw a quilled picture on pinterest ages ago and wanted to be able to give it a try, but alas there was no instructions even on the website that the picture came from i had to do it from memory of what id seen....

my bird should have been much thinner with more of a head but i think mine ate too many worms lol
firstly i got the shape i wanted with a single strip of quilling paper then i made a tight round for its eye..
and did some loose swirls for its tail and stuck that to the body...and 2 small loose swirls for its far it was good going...then i made some double rounds for its body and stuck them in...

It was a quick enough just disappointed with the shape of the bird as i originally had a lovely shape but when sticking in the quills i stuck one in the wrong place and as is sods law thats the one that stuck fast straightaway lol still its something different and will go nice on a shelf love debby xx

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