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Friday, 7 September 2012

The good and the bad...

Well its been a peculiar week, Ive been visiting my parents after my Dad was taken ill and spent a few daysin hospital and visiting doctors but Im very glad to say that he is doing really well and is on the road to recovery....But whilst away at my parents my beautiful granddaughter Lucy was born.

So yesterday I got to play doting Nanny and held her for the first time and I loved it!!

 Lucy with her Daddy just after she was born!
and Lucy with Aunty Nicky who is going to spoil her rotten!!

Such a fantastic event and one which brings tears to my eyes...

Then we came home to find my first wheelchair is on its way, something that Im not overly happy with because who really wants to need a wheelchair? but the advantages of not being house bound and to be able to go shopping or even out will be lovely and I wont have to rely on one of the kids taking me out in the car but hubby and I will be able to go on the bus or to the supermarket again something that I took for granted for many hopefully the chair will give me a new lease of life and is what you make of it and I intend to squeeze all I can get out of whats left for me!!

Thank you for looking
Love debby xx

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