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Saturday, 15 September 2012


Ok so it was released yesterday and I followed the trend and bought it...but it was such a fantastic price honest...and whats more is hubby told me to buy it!! I think the sighs and OOOhhs sort of gave him a clue....So being me I then went to Serif and Daisytrail to find out more about this new software I now am eagerly awaiting...and Wow wow woow

Firstly as a card maker I was drawn to the 3d decoupage tool (I know I can make decoupage with the sil software, I just aint that good at it) I think I will be having sooo much fun with that tool alone.....

Then I noticed that it will make svg files...this got me so excited as in theory it should be possible for the svgs to work with cammie...but lots of people are saying it wont so I will have to wait and see if they will by playing for myself and if they dont thats ok cause you can still export as jpegs and import those to cammie.............

Whether it works with cammie or doesnt it really isnt the be all and end all because it is a good stand alone piece of software and it will be a fabulous bonus should it work with if im not around for awhile you know its because Im having so much fun playing and learning my new software

Thank you for looking
Love debbyxx

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