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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

I went blank....

After completeing the toppers and Angels for my friends church group I decided to start on my christmas wreath and spent a whole day cutting fancy edged circles for the is a big polystyrene circle I have to fill...and they have sat on my desk waiting and the last week I have managed to just put 12 together...I am ashamed of myself lol :)

I keep looking at the piles of circles and they just sit staring back at me...then today it being tuesday I downloaded the free silhouette store file and its a tree and I looked at it and looked at it and couldnt think how to put it together other than to stick each layer on top of each other and I scratched my head and looked and thought I had lost the ability to craft!! Then they blogged about the shape and I found that my 1 tree was actually 4 trees and it was so easy to do that I shook my head at myself and instantly made one I have mentally given myself a shake and hope that my crafting mojo is returning with a vengeance...Hope to be able to do something this evening to post tomorrow...I think I may start off with something simple like a snowglobe using this weeks file and then work up to my wreath..

Thank you for being here
Love debby xx

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