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Saturday, 10 November 2012

Im doing my bit!!

I havent been able to do any crafting for myself for the last week, as my friend approached me and asked would I please cut her some toppers so that she could make some cards for her church to sale in their christmas fayre...she said it wouldnt be too much just a few....well I said I would but that she would have to supply the card....mistake....she turned up with 50 sheets of card so that 'I could cut some toppers for the ladies at church' as Ihad already said I would cut her some I felt obliged....but now I am sick of snow men, nativity scenes and snowflakes... I know this will be a help with the church funds but it isnt something that I would want to do too often as I have found it sapped my mojo knowing that I had to do this instead of being something I wanted to do lol...

So today I have cut the last sheet and am sighing a sign of relief...although I didnt mind doing it I didnt realise how much stress it would cause because when you do something for someone else you always want perfection....I also didnt realise how much it would sap my inspiration., but its done now and I can start my christmas crafting...Im hoping to do a few pressies for the girls first..

Thank you for looking
Love debby xx

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