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Sunday, 5 May 2013

The Eiffel Tower

As you all know I have been a little slack in my crafting just lately with Life getting in the way. This weekend is a bank holiday so I had time to play.,at first I just looked at my desk and nothing..I had a complete blank...and then this horrid thought came to me...'I had forgotten how to craft' but that couldnt be right surely???? Still I sat and looked and inspiration, no projects or cards that needed doing...nothing...

So on went the pc and to pinterest I went...and nothing...panic started to creep in, had I really 'lost' my creative streak?? I looked on the forums and facebook...nothing...and then I started to think logically..I couldnt just lose my abilities, they were obviously hiding from me...but what to do??

I then remembered all those new files I had bought in the silhouette store sale because they might come in handy some day,,,,and figured today was someday..I looked at all my new files and chose a 3d file of the Eiffel tower.

I found a gunship grey card inamongst the card I had bought from Lidls and it cut beautifully on blade 5 on cammie. I put it together, I found with my dexterity problems that if I tried to glue from the bottom up I was out of line but if I stuck the top first and worked my way down it alined better for me weird but it is what it is..

I thought the grey needed a little more colour added to it so out came my cosmic shimmer glimmer mist sprays, they are years old but I still have tons left and now also have lovely metallic red, green and purple hands! magic!

I cut a flower from the sil store and some flourished also from the sil store that I cut and rotated for fun!

After making this tower I decided to make another one the same and put the battery t lights under them and they now reside on my bedside tables for something different as a bedside light..Hubby loves them!!
Thank you for looking
Love Debby

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