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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Bic biros and watercolours...

I was so happy to see Penny Duncan sharing her files again as she does some really useful and great files and I have been using her files for a few years now., I found her site quite by accident several years ago when I was equiped with my SD way before a cameo even existed in my world!!

Any way having seen that she was so kindly allowing us to download her files again I had to have a peek at them and see what new creations she had...and I found a lovely sketch file that I downloaded from her blog here...

I decided to try using a bic biro in my pen holder, because originally I just wanted an ink picture of this you can see the bic biro worked perfectly! I had expected to see clumps or blemishes being that I used just a biro but none to be seen!!

Haaving finished the sketch I decided it needed some colour and got my 5 watercolour pens out that I have so I had to mix up my colour a little!! Not conventional colours overall, but Im happy with the results

Thank you for looking
Love debby xx

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