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Thursday, 1 May 2014

Ive been absent for a while again...

Yes I know ivee been nawty and been absent for a little while again., but between illness and the total reorganisation of my craft room Ive not had a chance to write on my blog, and also I forgot my password and tried so many different variations that at one stage got myself locked out of my blog for a week! I have now linked it to my google account so that I have several ways to get into my blog! Thats a lesson learnt...

I found so many items I didnt even know that I had bought all hiding in drawers, and faithful old tools I forgot about that it has made me stop and think about what Im doing.. yes I have the crafters illness of hoarding my stash, and so to that means I gave my mum my cuttlebug and my niece my bigshot, as I really dont use them now I have my cameo and ebosser. but who knew I had so many dies and embossing folders I didnt thats for sure.... so I have all the dies in one drawer and all my embossing foldeers in another for now but Im going to make open boxes for them to stand on the top of the drawers so that they are in sight and never forgotten again.

I think from now on I will have to use at least either a die, embossing folder or stamp with every card I make as ive neglected them for so long and have focussed only on using my beloved cammie that things are being wasted....  I know the card group Im organising will be in a hall where i wont be taking cammie so i will have to go back to basics then but im sure it will be a good creative exercise for me.

I think Im going to have so much fun in the next few weeks!

Have fun too

thank you for reading this

love debby

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