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Monday, 5 May 2014

Silhouette software version 3

I waited once the update was announced because like so many had upgraded immediately when they had the bad glitch a few updates ago, and felt I wanted to sit on the side lines and see what everyone was saying about the new version. This week I finally felt it was time to upgrade and so far I am so happy...

I have the designer edition software and wouldnt be without it now, even though I dont really do much designing from scratch, I do alter files alot to suit me and my use., so for me the de is like gold....

Now there has been much shouting about this new version, and of course I wanted to try for myself and so far, I seem to find it so much better than the last version. I did panic at first when I couldnt find the offset button, but once I found that I stopped panicing hehe. I havent really played with the layering yet, I didnt want to get to far infront of myself, as regular readers of my blog know I dont always retain information first or second time or even third, I have to wait for it to just 'click' before I get something... we all learn differently! and of course with my medication I then forget sometimes I feel lllike I could forget my own mname ! hehe

But today I did something that feels like it blew my mind, I was so happy to discover I could import pdfs into the software. Oh how Ive wished for this over the years! I have always worked around it but that can be  time consumming but now oh Im in love with my cammie all over again. Then I discovered that I could now scan straight into the software too... all I can say is  Silhouette America I Love You xx it feels like I have a brand new machine and not just software... the possibilities of what I can now do is really blowing my mind. Now where are all my cds you know the ones full of pdfs......if you dont hear from me for a while youll know what Im doing...

All I can say is that I love this new software

thank you for visiting me

love debby x

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