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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

A Wreath

So Dad is well enough to go back to his day centre 2 days a week, and he loves going and having the company to talk to. He rarely asks anyone to do anything for him so I was more than happy to make this wreath for him to take to his day centre to be sold to help raise funds.

I started cutting out flowers from the silhouette store and some that I made the files for and have used time and again on various wreaths especially the roses made from scalloped circles! they always go down well. I joined a flower making group on facebook  and some of the ladies flowers there are superb and I  just wish I was as good at making flowers like them, but one thing I have learnt is that they use their spectrum noirs an awful lot! I just had to make this one very quickly though I only had 3 days to make it and by doing a 2am night I managed!!

I tried to choose bright and colourful flowers because most of the people at the day centre are partially blind so I hope that a bright one would help them see it a little better. I decided not to do a christmas one or even a summer one just a bright one!

It took about a 6 hours to cut all the pieces for the flowers and I had intended to make 2 or 3 but after cutting so many and it only doing had to do...then I realised I had used a much larger ring than I usually do so no wonder it took so many flowers.

I particularly liked the blue cornflowers from the silhouette store they were so easy to put together and look fab in real terms. I cut some of the leaves on my cameo and hubby cut some from a die he had.

Some one asked me what tools I use to make my flowers...well I havent bought anything special, I use a 6mm ball tool and a wooden kebab stick (which I find invaluable for shaping) and a foam stamping mat I got years ago and never used, and of course my trusty glue gun....

Having made this wreath I came to the conclusion that me and a glue gun are a dangerous combination, as I managed to burn one finger 3 times and 2 other fingers and my leg (dont ask!!) but Im hoping the end result was worth it...

Thank you for looking, if you want more info on how to put a wreath together then I have several older posts explaining how to...

Love debby xx

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  1. That wreath is absolutely amazing. It must have taken you days of work. The colors are gorgeous. I'm going to have to make one myself, it's the perfect thing to help brighten a dreary day. Or maybe a nice Christmas one, I love that one you created too.