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Monday, 19 December 2011

so ive made a card for my daughters birthday..the pics arent great at the moment becaause i have a shiney new camera and no batteries lol so ive used my reliable but not brill phone heres the pics

I used the sketch feature of the silhouette and a daisy from the silhouette store that i bought on black friday. I liked the result of the sketch but as my daughter is a lover of glittery shiney things i added some rhinestones to make it sparkle. I also wanted it to zing out of the card so i did a purple background with a very strong green the ribbon is also purple altho it doesnt look like it in the photo. The ribbon border was a file i had on my pc i dont know where i  got it from so if you recognise it and know where it came from please write a comment and let us all know.

It was a lovely file to work with and i love the way that it holds the ribbon and  makes a kind of gathering of it.To finish off the card front i added a simple charm. For the inside i used the text on my silhouette mostly in the fonts adorable and roman times...

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