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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

I tried quilling a few years ago and wasant very good at it..then last week i was in the newsagents and on a cardmaking magazine was a gift of quilling papers a tool and an instructional book so i bought it to have ago... this is the result of the card i made for mum....

the card i cut on my silhouette and the verse was done using a sakura gel pen in the pen holder...(remember to do your sketch work before your cuts!!).. i cut a lenght of quilling paper and made it into a circle to fit inside my appeture...and then made 12 large loose circles which you then pinch the ends of to make the leaf shape...(15 cm lengths of quilling paper) and 10 medium sized loose circles (10 cm lengths) for the other leaves and the berries were made with tight circles (5 cms) and all glued onto the original circle i had made and attached to the card....

It was a very simple but i think elegant card....i am making circles out of the quilling paper whilst watching tv so i think i will have lots of projects coming up that feature quilling!!!! love debby xx

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