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Saturday, 3 December 2011

my rosette wreath

i made this wreath after seeing several ones on the internet...most of them were done in the steam punk vein but i wanted a softer look for mine and altho it isnt perfect i am pleased with it...the first thing to do is make a grand pile of rosettes and this is where i came unstuck as i was quite happily using my hot glue gun to stick the rosettes together when i accidentally glued myself!!! i ended up with a bad burn that needed treatment and my project was put on hold for awhile..i have since learnt from many crafters that they have all done this and now use gloves with their i had enough rosettes i cut out a large circle of heavy card and stuck on the rosettes its a good idea to lay them out first and check you like it before glueing down!! nce i had them glued i addded some charms and ribbon..this is an easy project but can be time consuming making all the rosettes but it was fun...hope you like it!!!

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