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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Well here is the was so easy to do...

I used some shapes that i bought in a kit in the  sale at the craft store but you can use lots of things like tatty wooden boxes or if you are ambitious a chair!! I have a wooden chest that im debating what to do with and decopatch would be an ideal craft to cover it...

These are an example of the bits that were in my kit and you can buy them freely in the craft store for around a70 to 90 pence and then you bling them up to your hearts content...but with decopatch you use tissue paper
and glue...pva glue is ideal...

You need to rip your paper into tiny pieces and put glue on your shape just enough to cover the area that your bit of paper will lie onto then put yoyur paper on and spread glue over the top of the paper...essentially you are glueing the bottom and the top of the paper!!!

Repeat this all over the shape until it is covered all over...leave it to dry and then if you want to bling it up some more then add gems ...see its easy isnt it...if you dont have tissue paper you can use 3 ply napkins but you have to seperate them and use each layer seperately

Thank you for looking love debby xx

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