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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Januarys nearly done!!

Well I havent really done any crafting this month and I think I am getting withdraw symptoms!! I am 3 weeks into my hospital treatment and I have a possible 15 weeks to go, which feels a little bit daunting at the moment and am hoping that my body heals quickly so that I only have to do a 6 week course (we can dream cant we?) but the indications at the moment area that my body doesnt like the treatment.....

I have no inspiration at the moment to do any crafting but I went to the craft shop today and picked up some decoupage sheets in the sale and hope to at least do some cards with those but Im not holding my breathe as my calcification of the muscles is giving me gip at the moment and I cant move my left arm at all and seeing how Im left handed this presents a slight problem....guess hubby will be helping me whether he likes it or not!!

Thank you for reading my ramblings today

Love debby xx

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