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Saturday, 2 February 2013

Feb is here

Well its now a new month and still I havent anything to share with you yet....

I really havent done anything worth showing this last month because between the hospital treatments and my sons illness I just havent had the time or when Ive had the time Ive been unwell...I have my Valentines to make yet and my mothersday card (its mothersday March here in the UK} and dont even mention Easter!! I am hoping to actually get down to some crafting tomorrow and make a start., at least without crafting for so long I have some inspiration floating around and I think I will be a very busy bee...

Although I havent made anything I have been doing craft related works...I reorganised my desk and shelves. I like to do this regularly as its surprising what you will re-find! and if ever Im having a block I find a rummage through my crafting drawers bringing Inspiration.

My son is on the mend now, and is so much better, he has to have another blood test on Monday but hes almost normal now haha! Thank You to all that sent him their Love x

Thank You for looking

Love Debby xx

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