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Friday, 7 March 2014

Duck Shadowbox

For this months design team projects we had to use the print and cut feature of the cameo. As you will gather I dont do too much print and cut and I loathe decoupage because I can never line it up properly!

I dont really have any cds with decoupage on so I looked on the internet and found this adorable chick. I thought he had a little attitude! So the sentiment to go with him couldnt be a cutesy one!

I thought he would look good in a shadow box and so I downloaded the file for this one from the silhouette store. It is a 5x7 shadowbox

I found a lovely yellow check paper amongst my american crafts and thought it would look great against the chick and make a very spring like shadowbox.

I took the chick into the designer software as it was a jpeg download. I then did a trace on the chick. I copied the chick 3 times, and did traces on all 3. I then used my knife to cut away at the chicks(!) until I had suitable pieces for my decoupage. I then did the decoupage on a print and cut through my cameo.

I had a border amongst my files that also came from the silhouette store and cut that out of the remaining paper leftover from the background.  I found a saying that I thought fitted the chick, a little attitude but not too much!

The shadowbox is easy to make and once youve done one it gets easier and easier..  I added a few flowers and a butterfly and it was ready to see the light of day!

Thank you for looking
Love debby x

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