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Sunday, 23 March 2014

A Dove on Canvas

What else could I call this creation than what it is ... A Dove on a canvas..... For the Design Team work this time we were asked ( when I say 'asked' what I actually mean is 'Challenged' by Karine) to make some home decor with our Cameos,  and to use fabric....

Well when I sat and thought about what I was going to do, knowing Im not much of a sewer, I had a mental block..... so I looked in the silhouette store for inspiration. I saw this lovely Dove and ideas began to grow on how I could use it. Then I noticed as an added bonus, that I had already purchased the file!

Now all I needed was to get some sort of project done....

I decided after looking at the file that I would never be able to sew it onto anything and it look good, so I had the idea of applique-ing it somehow.... then I noticed some canvases lying around on my shelf... and Dove on a canvas was born....

I was a little frightened about wether the fabric would stay on the canvas as I know from experience that it isnot easy to get vinyl to stay on a canvas without preparing it first. So I looked amongst my lotions and potions and found my Winsor and Newton Acrylic Gloss Medium, and decided to experiment with that, some alcohol inks for colour and my fabric.

I played with a mini canvas and found that it worked and the fabric stayed put when I ironed it on.
I used the silhouette brand of heat and bond on to my fabric and then cut out the pieces on my cameo from some oddments of fabric I had in my box. As there were quite a few pieces when it was all cut I figured that I would get rather confused, so I decided to use one of my pens in my cameo and came up with a drawing of the pieces so that I had an idea of what went where.

I found this a great help when I needed it.

Next I cut a little off my sea sponge, then mixed my gloss medium and alcohol ink and painted a first layer on the canvas.

The colour I used was mustard seed. Now I love alcohol inks and am found playing with them with alsorts of materials, but on the canvas, that bottom layer was flat, so it needed pepping up a little, once it was dry the sponge came into its own. I mixed some watermelon alcohol ink and gloss medium and I also mixed another batch with mountain rose

I randomly dabbed first one colour then the next over the canvas and put it to the side to dry overnight.

The next morning a took my pieces from the sheet and manually laid them on the canvas piece by piece, which didnt take long as because I had laid them out on my 'template' I knew exactly where each piece should be. I then heated my Iron and Iron on the fabric to the canvas. It took like a dream and didnt need any coaxing at all.

So there you have it, a canvas with fabric and no sewing at all...

Thank you for looking
Love debby x

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