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Friday, 21 March 2014

A new sewing machine

I have been laid up for a few days as I am currently having a reaction to the dosage of methotrexate that Im prescribed. It has given me a rash from head to toe and a very nasty headache indeed.

Today I am starting to feel a little better but as the morning turned to afternoon my head started banging again.

I had some Design Team work to do, and had intended to use my sewing machine, but for some reason it didnt want to play, so I did some vinyl work instead, but it was quick and easy stuff as I still feel quite unwell, but at least I was able to create with my cameo. I will show pictures in a day or so but feel unable to get the energy to actually take photos today.

Hubby realising that I felt rather low today said he was going to the shops, and came home with a new sewing machine for me! Its not the dearest but its not the cheapest either... I am so spoilt! I love it!.. Hubby says its something to make me want to get better as soon as I can.... I will also take photos of my new machine too., and show you soon.. he also knows a way to a crafters heart is bring them new stuff too and he opened his bag rather like a magician and produced a fat quarter and some hessian too.. I feel a wall hanging coming..

See you soon

Thank you for looking
love debby x

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