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Monday, 20 August 2012

I learned something new today!!

Whilst trawling the net I leaned something new today that could be quite useful for my Cameo work...I often hear people say that they dont know what settings to use because the standard settings in the silhouette software is designed for the american market and the paper/card weights are in pounds whereas we in the uk use gsm weights and it can be confusing for the learner to judge the weights well fear not any more there is a very simple way to find the goes...

open your file in sil software, go to file at the top left of screen, go down to Preferences, and then go into measuements, and then change it to centimeters, that then changes the paper weights to gsm

easy peasy when you know how...and will take a lot of guess work out of the equasion!!

Thanks for looking
Love Debby xx

1 comment:

  1. Hi Debby,

    I'm sure you will make some people very happy "over there" with your simple conversion advice!

    THANK YOU for letting me know about being in a magazine there - I tried to go subscribe or view but unfortunately its UK only :( Is there any chance of your husband buying an extra one and you possibly shipping to me? I'd gladly use my trusty Pay Pal to re-imburse you!

    I JUST got back from vacation!


    Haha, this is HUGELY exciting for me!!!