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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

I think Im crazy!!

I dont think the title of this post will be a surprise to many!! But....well this week I have been extra busy I had to make another emergency appointment at the dentist when this week my filling came out! The nice dentist put a tempary filling in on monday, tues being one of my hospital treatment days I duly went along and had my spot...and thursday I have to go back to the dentist and have the filling replaced....lets see if my hubby can run fast enough to catch me to get me there hehe and friday its back to the hospital!

So today being my only 'free' day this week I decided to do some craft and lo and mind went completely I looked in the silhouette online store, ...blank....I looked at my digis...blank....I deffo have crafters block....and more to the point I felt like I just couldnt be bothered! Hubby thinks I must be Ill..................I think all this to and fro is just stiffling me and I cant wait for it all to be over and life return to what is my normal.

I have hundreds of ideas when Im out and about but today Im definatley not creative and the one card that I did attempt to make ended ripped up in the bin..Oh well better luck Saturday

Thank you for looking

Please send the craft fairy my way

Love debby xx

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