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Thursday, 7 February 2013

making frames with the cameo

Well Ive had a busy week with 3 hospital trips for my treatment and one for my son who is still poorly but much better than he has been. They took more blood from him this week and gave him more pills...So today I was really tired but wanted to do something creative so I compromised and decided to do the design challenge for this month in the silhouette plus forum.

The challenge for the design this time was to make yourself a frame from a file that you already had on your pc. So I thought about it and tried to make one and went off to youtube I went where I found this lovely tutorial from KraftingKelly, a member of the silhouette plus forum! I should have just looked on hers or doodling debbies blogs to start but is about finding and learning..

Here is Kellys tutorial

The tutorial is very easy to follow and I had the same layer that Kelly was using in her video so I used that for my first

It was a flourish mat that I have made into a frame and I think this could be very useful for cardmaking. Unfortunately as it was a file from the silhouette store the resulting frame still comes under their rules and so therefore I can not share this file but I will tell you that once youve done one or two then you realise just how easy it is to change the files you have into  something you want..

I played for a few hours and here is another I made from a silhouette file. This one is made from a flower that came free as the free50 with my cameo. I took the flower and resized, then made a mat layer by duplicating the same flower and welding them together. thus Ihad a mat to use....

I liked this one too and think it would also make a great layer for a card.

I have always liked designing but I havent done nearly enough with my cameo and alas with the hospital and my sons illness it has been lead silent just waiting for me for weeks! Now that I did this and enjoyed doing so maybe it will give me the spirt I needed.

Thank you for looking, hopefully I will have inspired someone else to try for themselves , you never know you just might be the Jasper Conran of siolhouette files!!

Love debby xx

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