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Monday, 12 August 2013

My craft area

After telling my hubby that I have accepted a place on the Design Team for Silhouette UK he decided to revamp my craft area! At the moment my Cameo is on top of the wardrobe along with the ebosser, and my guillotine is in the kitchen! My living room is filled with boxes containing various stamps card paper and Inks....well betide any burglar! He'll wonder just what hes walked into!!

I was pretty bemused when he finished working yesterday as I had noticed that I had no workstation...but today he has been busy building and Im in awe! Now hes says it will be a few more days and then I can start putting things where I want them.....I think Im going to be in heaven!

The thing with spring cleaning/revamping/renewing your craft area is that it always has the added bonus of you finding bits and bobs you forgot you had...I mean who knew I had so many buggy eyes?? not me!!

Thank you for looking

Love Debby xx

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