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Monday, 5 August 2013

well it seems like ages since I blogged

It seems like quite a while since I blogged but Im back with a vengeance! I have been busy making more samples for the wedding invites because the Bride to be hasnt really gone 'oh thats the one' so we have been looking at pinterest and etsy to find something and we have now found 3 for me to make up for her as best i can.

I am a member of several forums and facebook pages and have realised that although there are tutorials out there and some excellent ones I may add, some information is lacking, to newbies, although us oldie cameo users are well aware of the info so in the next few days Im going to make a few hints tips and notes for the newbies coming along...

I have also been making some frames and borders but they are on my laptop and my daughter has borrowed that for a few days so it maybe a little while before i can upload them for you all.!

I have also been acepted to a design team for graphtec gb and am very excited by this..

See I did have loads of news!

Thank you for looking

Love debby

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