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Sunday, 18 August 2013

Now you've ordered your cameo....

Being a design team member now means that I have to work on my blog and make it interesting for others to read, or so my hubby tells as I am still waiting for my craft space to be finished (which Im hoping it will be all up and running by tomorrow) I thought I would do a post for the real newbies that want to learn out there....

So you've uummed and aahhed and finally decided to buy a Cameo,( or maybe you are frightened of taking that final step because you have heard that theres software to learn and that can be pretty scary I know that, so to help you make up your mind) whilst you are waiting for your cameo to arrive did you know that you can download the software and start playing around and familiarising yourself with it?

The latest version can be downloaded from here..

You can play around and watch videos on youtube, go to blogs with tutorials (of which there are hundreds) and get a start on feeling comfortable with the software before the cameo arrives.....You can even start collecting files from around the internet....

So the day arrives and your new machine arrives....everyone is so keen to make the first cut and say look I did that....but theres a few things you should know before you start...

Once you have set up the cameo to your computer , you will want to jump in feet first as it were, but please DONT....theres nothing like disappointment to colour your mind, and this is a fabulous machine and I want you to love yours as much as I love mine.

The very first thing to do is find your cutting mat, peel off the cover, now doesnt that feel great?? but now is the part most people forget to tell need to Desticky your mat or anything you put on there now will be ruined!
The process of destickying your mat is easy so dont worry. I use an old T-shirt of hubbys, and dab that all over the mat until its about half as sticky as it was to begin with...

For the first few cuts on the mat DO NOT use paper its best to use a card around 250gsm'ish because if you use your paper you will end up in a sticky mess.

Now you are feeling ready to cut, my advise to you is to cut something simple like a square or circle for the first few cuts because you have to get used to blade thickness and speed. Which sounds far more difficult than it is! You will quickly become used to the settings you will need most!

Oh No I hear you cry, Ive cut right through the mat...dont worry we all do it!! My first mat was a casualty to many a mistake! You can always buy a new mat! In the mean time I have been known to selotape the back of my mat to use it one more time!(Though not recommended by Silhouette!!)

Once you have cut a few layers and squares then its time to venture out into the world of creating...good luck and enjoy!!

Heres a few blogs with good tutorials for you...   This is Doodling debbies youtube site with her excellent tutorials....she started the silhouette plus forum for us all to learn our machines and it is a great resource for oldies and newbies is the link for the forum..  you have to sign up to this forum but its free and there are many members from all over the world here and they all are so helpful...

This blog is Krafting kelly she has also done some really good tutorials....

Next is Kay, she has a huge list of fonts and a series on print and cut well worth seeing..

theres just a few to get you started and of course there are many groups on facebook which are there to help you learn! Hope this helps for now

Thank you for looking

Love debby xx


  1. Thank you, Debby, for including my blog in your basic list! I'm so excited you get to be on the Silhouette UK design team! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I get picked for the new US design team.

    1. I will keep my fingers crossed for you too Kelly,. you have done so much to help new owners love their machines xx