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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

wedding invitation

This is a simple looking wedding invite that can be made using Kraft Card.

The lacy border was made by combining 2 borders from the silhouette store. The top one is called abstract border and the bottom one was in a group simply called 3 borders.

The beauty of the silhouette software is that you can cut, manipulate, divide, turn and whatever your imagination will allow you to do to a file to change it into what you want. As the abstract border was really a joined up mirror image and i only wanted the top area, so I used my knife tool to chop off the bottom area

After that I deleted the parts I didnt want, and selected the rest and grouped. I then put the other border back onto my mat and drew a rectangle the size of the top border

 After I lined them all up I selected them all and right clicked on the box and grouped them. I used my rubber to rub out the top line of the rectangle.

This is what I ended up with and I was very pleased with the result, it was just what I had visualised.
and thats just one way you can play with any files you have...why not experiment and see what you end up with??

So I cut my file added a little ribbon and a heart ..simple but good??

Thank you for looking
Love debby xx

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