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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Cuckoo clock

I found this clock on the internet nd thought it was cute and meant to do it for a frame but alas i forgot to reverse the design before cutting to place inside the frame as i  really dont like the vinyl on the outside of a frame cause that makes it hard to keep clean but inside or out is personal choice...

As i didnt realise i had made this mistake until after i had cut the image i am going to remind you all the saying waste not want not and so it became a wall art instead of a frame and is now in my hallway...

 I liked the flourish of this clock and the little flowers that were incorporated into the design. I also like the clockface as it was easy on the eye...I think if i had done this with the intension of putting it on the wall then i would have maybe changed the time to the hour i had got married so that  way it would have meant something wonderful to me and hubby...its a thought....

This design was very easy to weed and all but the no.6 went on smoothly but a pokey tool and some swearing got the 6 on at roughly its right spot...I got the image from here

Thank you for looking
Debby xx

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