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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Witch frame

When I was on holiday recently we went into a gift shop and looked around, there was the usual plastic boats and sticks of rock and plaques to hang up when you got home....Well I found 2 plaques that I liked but only had enough change on me to buy 1...I then decided when I got home to make my own afterall I have my silhouette so it would be easy peasy!!

I then visualised what I wanted and off I went to craft, the first thing I discovered was that I had RAN OUT of black vinyl (oh the shame!!) so I had to put the project on hold until I had a delivery of vinyl and the company I use are so good that it was here the next day post free....

I then had to remember just what I was doing .. not always easy because I have so much nonsense in my head half the time..and ended up with this

The green background smiley people faces was one i had downloaded from a blog hop from Coreen silke and it seemed to me to evoke the halloweeny witchy type look i was after.

The witches hat and broom were both downloaded from the silhouette store  and were already on my computer I think I must have used them last halloween or they were in the bargain store...

I layered the vinyl for these before I put them on the frame....They both cut like butter through my babes and I was very pleased with how they looked.  Then came the fun fun fun part looking for suitable fonts to use after a few trials with different fonts i used 'ale and wenches' for the first part and Freebooter script for the word broomstick I cant load any more pictures today to show you in detail because my blog wont let me its having a hissy fit!!
Hope you liked what you saw
Thank you for looking
Love debby xx

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